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  1. stopher

    stopher Member

    Anyone got the full results yet.

    Know Oakley won section 3 with menai Bridge 2nd and that Beaumaris won section 2 as the other 2 bands withdrew!

    Seemed to be very few bands this year and a lot of withdrawals - anyone know why?
  2. leisa

    leisa Active Member

    Champ section 1st United Yorkshire Coop
    2nd Deniolen (sp?!)

    Best March - York Coop
    Best Soloist - York Coop (Tabby Clegg)

    thats all i know
  3. dyl

    dyl Active Member


    Full results:

    Youth A:
    1. Northop Youth
    2. Nantlle Vale Juniors
    Best Soloist: Debbie Fry (Cornet), Northop Youth
    Best March: Northop Youth

    Youth B:
    1. Beaumaris Youth
    2. Deiniolen Youth
    Best Soloist: Danial Ellis (Euphonium), Deiniolen
    Best Hymn: Beaumaris Youth

    Section 4:
    1. Llandudno
    2. Gwernaffield
    3. Deeside
    Best Soloist: Cornet, Gwernaffield
    Best March: Llandudno

    Section 3:
    1. Royal Oakeley
    2. Porthaethwy
    3. Rhyl
    Best Soloist: Cornet, Rhyl
    Best March: Royal Oakeley

    Section 2:
    1. Beaumaris
    Best Soloist: Percussion Section, Beaumaris
    Best MArch: Beaumaris

    Open Section:
    1. United Co-Op Yorkshire
    2. Deiniolen
    Best Soloist: Cornet, United Co-Op Yorkshire
    Best March: United Co-Op Yorkshire

    Adjudicator: Malcolm Brownbill
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  4. hellraiser

    hellraiser Member

    Good performances from Beaumaris, Deiniolen & Yorks Co-op
  5. stotty74

    stotty74 Member

    Two Youth soloist prizes, one for 6A and one for 6B. Debbie Fry (Cornet) from Northop Youth won Best Soloist in 6A.

    Thought Beaumaris sounded very good on Firestorm (think that's what it was). Would have been very close had they played in Open Section i think!!
  6. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    I've edited it in Karl, sorry about that. Not having present for the Youth Results ceremony, and knowing that Danial won a Best Soloist prize, and also going by the programme which only showed the one Youth Solo prize I put two and two together and came up with 1 more than I should have had! Perhaps they should have announced the Youth Results before the other results ceremony - would have stopped us having to sit through the extremely painful 'comedy' routine we were subjected to.
  7. chall89

    chall89 New Member

    Well done Northop Youth , Debbie and Karl. Sorry I couldn't be there :(
  8. Daniel Sheard

    Daniel Sheard Member

    Diito - congrats to Northop Youth, Karl and especially Debbie.

    Well done to the winners, and to all who competed.
  9. stopher

    stopher Member

    Anyone want to take a guess why so few bands are attending this contest - whether withdrawals or just cant be bothered going. Its a bit bad when some bands on the doorstep won't compete in their local association competition and bands like Yorkshire Coop travelled a fair distance to play!

    Is it because of
    1) the venue - acoustics, warm up facilities, parking, food, trade stands
    2) prize money
    3) choice of adjudicator
    4) pre-draw or organisation of the contest
    5) advertizing the contest - not enough bands know about it?
    6) clash of dates with other contests or with it on a saturday?

    I think the North Wales association want to know what is going wrong and how it can be more successful - I know I would love to have been up against a few more bands and unless the bands attend, there is no much point in having the contest! Nearly every band that entered was placed and got some sort of prize money - I think Nantlle Seniors didn't get anything but having 1 or 2 bands in the Championship/1st section and Section 2 was, in my opinion, poor!

    Your thoughts please!
  10. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    Well I remember going to the Rally in the mid 80s and it wasn't miles better then. Occasionally when Point and Northop both turned up there was an "edge" to things, but I certainly remember playing in the top section with Northop when we were the only remotely top section band there. It's been poorly attended for many years. I'd suggest there are a number of main reasons for this:

    1: Timing. It comes on the heels of the Nationals and Pontins, and in the run-up to Christmas. There is also Wilkinsons around the same time, with a bigger prize pot and more prestige. Plus there are now also Butlins and Brass at the Guild after Christmas.

    2: Format. A lot of bands have been playing testpieces, in some cases the same test-piece for months and are looking for a change.

    3: Prize money. And there's not a lot to be done about this, without more bands and/or more sponsors.

    I've got a few suggestions that may help.

    1: Make it an entertainment contest. There are many, better, test-piece contests around the same time. There used to be a North Wales Entertainment contest in Colwyn Bay, and also the Rhyl Festival, both entertainment format and both have gone. I know a lot of bands miss the Rhyl contest in particular and might be more tempted to go to the Rally if the format changed.

    2: Scrap registration and borrowed players rules, or at least make them extremely flexible, to allow lower section bands short of players to make it on the day.

    3: Amalgamate sections into A/Open (comprising bands nationally graded champ., 1 and 2) and B/Youth (everyone else). Give top three prizes for each section plus a prize for the best 2nd, 4th and Youth bands. Give a prize for the best soloist in each section, and best new arrangement/composition in each section along the lines of Brass in Concert.

    4: Have a gala concert, lasting about 40 mins-1 hour, straight after the last band culminating in the results ceremony.

    Just a few thoughts.....;)
  11. stotty74

    stotty74 Member

    Obviously i can't comment on other bands' reasons for not attending, but it does need a radical overhaul. I remember even less than 10 years ago, all of the sections had large(ish) numbers of entries, and it was a really good contest, with bands coming from the North West as well as North Wales (i wasn't associated with Northop at the time). This time around, only one band from outside the area competed. I don't know if this is true, but i was told that the contest actually stopped bands from outside the region taking part, and only recently opened it up again to other bands. Can anyone confirm this?

    As for Northop, couple of reasons why we didn't go:

    Firstly, our MD was adjudicating in Switzerland, so we would have had to get another conductor. Not a big problem really as we have done it before.
    Second, we have had the Eisteddfod in August, Nationals in September, Pontins early November, and another contest would have been too much really for some of our members (and the bank account!!), especially with a couple of big concerts coming up aswell.

    Personally, i would have liked to have gone and played, although conducting 2 bands was quite enough as it was!!

    Don't know what we can do, but it is something i would like to bring up in our own band's committee meetings. We do have a rep that attends the NW meetings, so hopefully we could come up with something.

    How about a series of comps? Call it the Welsh League and invite the Southern bands up, and the winners can be entered into the Europeans as the Welsh representatives:wink:

    I like the idea of combining all the bands in the same section, have a mixed draw, and then prizes for highest Champ/1st, 2nd, etc. It works for other contests with relatively low entries, so maybe? Don't think i'd like to be beaten by my own Youth Band though!!!

    Dyl, we love Uncle Jim at Northop, although even i cringed on Saturday!!
  12. stopher

    stopher Member

    NICE!!!!! I'm sure it would be very popular in SOuth Wales!

    Seriously though - it could be a decent contest. To get a contest that has nearly as many withdrawals as bands compete shows that something isn't working but unless the NW association can sort their own contest attendance, the I can't see how they could ever persuade the rest of the country to move the Welsh area.

    I know for a fact that a Gala concert was mentioned back in January at the meeting and again in the May/June - The Gwynedd and Mon Youth Band were going to be asked which I believe they were but I have been told that they only received the letter in November, 2 weeks before the contest!

    I know that the contest only recently went back to being open to all bands, not just those who are members of the North Wales Assoc - If more bands from out of the area competed, maybe a prize for best association band in each section - think Buxton do it!
  13. Masterblaster jnr

    Masterblaster jnr Active Member

    Quick question to dyl, do you consider deiniolen to have come 2nd, runners up or come last?
  14. Col

    Col Member

    Jonny shouldn't you be back in class now. They were Runners Up in second place last on the day but ahead of all the bands that did not compete. Well done Deinolen.
  15. Masterblaster jnr

    Masterblaster jnr Active Member

    Nope, lunch is from 12:15 to 1. but i suppose that answers the question.

    And i'm guessing that if you win out of 1 band, you win, be runner up, come last and beat a lot of the bands that didn't turn up
  16. stotty74

    stotty74 Member

    And this is part of the problem really. If a Gala Concert is to be organised but the performers aren't invited until 2 weeks before, how can we expect other bands to even know about the contest?

    And this is definitely a good move. I know Northop are off/on about attending the contest, but a few years ago, when Wilkinson's and the Rally were on the same weekend, we decided to attend St Helens because the level of competition is higher. We tried competing at both on the same weekend a couple of years ago, and that was a bit much really for us (and i know we haven't been for a couple of years now...)

    Here's an idea (and a serious one, not like my previous suggestion ;-) )
    How about the North Wales and North West Associations teaming up for a league-based contest, having 2 comps in North Wales and 2 in North West (or whatever ratio) and then at the end of the year have an overall champion for each section? It would encourage the Welsh bands to attend things like Preston and Wilkinsons (which a few already do anyway), and hopefully increase attendances at the NW Rally. Even if the ratio was 3:1 for the North West contests, we might see an increase for the Rally, and it would provide a meaningful competition for the bands to enter.

    I really do wish i had the time to get involved in this sort of stuff, as i would love to help improve the situation, but that seems to be a problem for everyone, but without more people getting involved we will lose it.
  17. Rob

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