North Wales Championships 2012

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  1. dyl

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    Results from yesterday's contest, held at Venue Cymru, Llandudno:

    Adjudicator: Kevin Wadsworth

    Youth 6a:
    1. Beaumaris Youth
    2. Llanrug Youth
    Best Soloist: Sacheus Pritchard - Beaumaris (Cornet)
    Best Hymn: Beaumaris

    Youth 6b:
    1. Deiniolen Youth
    2. Northop Youth
    3. Nantlle Juniors
    Best Soloist: Emyr Jones - Deiniolen (Euphonium)
    Best Hymn: Deiniolen
    Best Percussionist Sections 6a & 6b: Dylan Evans - Deiniolen

    Section 5:
    1. Deeside Training Band
    Best Soloist: Cornet, Deeside Training

    Section 4:
    1. Deeside Silver
    2. Porthaethwy (Menai Bridge)
    3. Holywell
    Best Soloist: Jim Short - Holywell (Soprano)
    Best Hymn: Rhyl Silver

    Section 2:
    1. Royal Buckley Town
    2. Llanrug
    Best Soloist: Euphonium, Buckley
    Best Hymn: Llanrug
    Best Bass Trombone: Buckley

    Open Section:
    1. Northop
    2. Deiniolen
    Best Soloist: Steph Conway - Northop (Trombone)
    Best Hymn: Northop
  2. dyl

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    Some of the test-pieces selected by the bands yesterday:

    Montage - Northop
    Quintessence - Deiniolen
    Variations on Laudate Dominum - Llanrug
    Saint-Saens Variations - Porthaethwy (Menai Bridge)
    London River - Deiniolen Youth and Beaumaris Youth

    Can't remember any others I'm afraid!
  3. Welsh_Judie

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    Devon Fantasy - Deeside Silver (yes, we won!)
    Haslemere Suite - Holywell

  4. jonmoss

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    Renaissance - Royal Buckley Town
  5. Welsh_Judie

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    Congrats to you and yours Jon!!!