North/South divide in the third section areas

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  1. euph__onium

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    I've just read Peter Roberts' comments on the North of England 3rd section areas;

    "in his remarks to the audience he stated that he had heard some wonderful performances and that all 8 bands would have taken the top 8 places in the same section at the recent West of England contest".

    Is there such a huge gap in quality between the north of England and the west of england generally, or is it just the third section??
  2. BoBo

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    There is always the possibility, with the greatest respect to a brass banding legend, that Peter Roberts was mistaken (mis-spoke even:sup ) and/or flattering his audience.
  3. Dago

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    I do get tired of this "brass band legend" nonsense!!
  4. Bungle

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    At the L&SC third section, in his summing up Steve Pritchard-Jones said that the standard of the bands was as good as any 3rd section in the country.
  5. yorkie19

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    Could be a little harsh.

    By my reckoning, bands from West of England have finished in the top 6 5 times in the last 5 years at the Nationals, which is only bettered by bands from the Midlands and the North West.
  6. Simon_Horn

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    Re: North v South divide in lower sections

    To be honest, I really do not think there is that much difference between north and south bands in the lower sections (2,3 & 4). I think the difference becomes more obvious in 1st and Championship bands.
  7. Mesmerist

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    In 2007 3rd section Nationals the 2 bands from the north came 2nd and 10th. The 2 bands from the west came 4th and 13th. So not much in it really.

    Probably Mr Roberts had stayed in one of Torquays less salubrious hotels (think Basil Faulty!) and slept badly.
    Was rudely woken up by cockerels crowing (little known fact that southern chickens rise at exactly 30 minutes before northern ones) and was fed a mouldy pasty and a clotted cream tea for breakfast...slapped on the table in front of him "there ee go me lover...oh arrrh".

    Not being used to the balmy Devon climate and the slowness of the tractors around Torquay he arrived tired and cross at the Riviera Centre full of northern indignation and was then promptly put in his place by the formidable lady (you must know who I mean!) who showed him the way.

    Later to add to his rising annoyance during the contest featuring the lowly southern yokels more clotted cream tea was brought to sustain him at regular intervals (not a decent brew in sight) with a cheery "comeon meee lover you grockles need proper feeding".

    The poor chap finally was released and expected to address the expectant throng of straw sucking innocent faces staring mildly up at him.
    Pushed to the very limits of endurance he stood up and said "I were born in Barnsley...and if you had another 2 weeks by eck...its b##### cold oop north so...we had it ard...only a cardboard box...think yerself lucky...thats why northern bands are the best"

    Mild applause and vague puzzlement in hall. Results read whilst Mr R is escorted away to finally relax when Exeter is far behind him..."Aah smell those smokey fumes...home...where we know how to do things proper like..."
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  8. BoBo

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    OK, I know where you are coming from, in fact Peter Roberts is far from a legend, he is the real thing. I was just aiming to balance an implied criticism with an implied compliment - just goes to prove you can't please all people all the time.

    Getting back to the point, having been educated in the south and lived in both the north-west and midlands I would surmise that southern children generally get more exposure to wind bands and orchestras than in the north (north defined here as north of Watford Gap) and therefore brass bands have a smaller pool of players to pick from. Perhaps someone would like to take on a PhD thesis to prove or disprove this.
  9. Bass Trumpet

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    Whenever any adjudicator says that, roughly translated it means: "I've had a nice time, you put me up in a nice hotel and fee was decent. Please ask me back next year"

    I've heard similar noises from guest conductors in my time. Don't take it too seriously, they're just being nice!
  10. bassinthebathroom

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    "Oh, Mr. Adjudicator, I bet you say that to all the bands don't you?" :sup
  11. bignige

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    Peter Roberts did say that the West of England bands needed another two weeks on the piece so as the North contest took place three weeks later it must be that it's even now!!

    Anyway several times I have been told that adjudicators can tell the difference between Stork and butter :confused: sorry Southern and Northern bands. Something to do with dialects and the way we speak apparently.

    Anyway it might add something to the finals - will Mr R be one of the adjudicators. Although different piece another day!!
  12. Dago

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    What's his playing got to do with adjudication!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    I wish I had thought of saying that. :)

    Mind you I think his adjudication was just fine at Torquay its just when he feels the need to represent the North against those southern upstarts...Next we will need a thread titled "Buttys or Sandwiches?"
  14. bignige

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    Scon or scones?
  15. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    Are you taking this seriously enough bignige?:biggrin:
    First we are not allowed to speak on tmp unless we list every single high note ever managed at championship level and Now we are not fit to go to the Nationals because we come from the south. tut tut...:oops:
  16. Bass Trumpet

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    A Sandwich is two slices of bread with filling in the middle. A Butty is one slice of bread folded over. God only knows why I know that...:D
  17. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    Is that true????

    Is this a fact taught in Northern primary schools? Oxford reading tree book 1c "Floppy and the Butty"

    I am v impressed Mr Basstrumpet!:clap: :clap:
  18. bignige

    bignige Member

    Is that spread with Stork or butter?
  19. BoBo

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    So are you implying that Peter Roberts should stick to playing rather than adjudicating? Or is it that you think there is no link between the judgement required to be a top class player and the judgement of recognising good playing when you hear it?..............or both............or neither? I think that covers all the options.

    Oh, and that would be mono-unsaturated olive oil based spread in the south and beef dripping in the north. Butter or stork????????????..........don't be silly.
  20. Bayerd

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    Is there any need to be so stereotypical?

    Nah, it's got bu66er all to do with that, it's because he 'retired' in the nineties with 'hearing difficulties'. The banding world had to wait several more years even then for his hearing to get to the right level for adjudicating;)