North of England Regional Championships - 2010

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  1. michellegarbutt

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    Well said. We played our best yesterday under very difficult circumstances. We didn't get a place. We din't win any of the individual prizes but we're not complaining. Someone had to win that percussion prize. Although we would have liked it, well done to the 2 young gentlemen that did win it.

    Incidentally I would like to thank the committee and all of the other bands in the 1st section who were so understanding to us yesterday. For those who aren't aware We had just completed the section meeting and were walking out of the control room when I got a text through to say our only Bb bass player Stan had been taken ill in practice and could we borrow a player as an emergency. Although the meeting had finished and it was officially too late for such a request, they immediately pulled all reps back into the control room, put the request to them and it was unanimous that we could borrow.

    Luckily Stan did pull round and although not 100% managed to make it onto the stand and play so the player we had arranged to borrow from Barton wasn't needed, but we are extremely grateful to all who rallied round to help us compete.
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  2. General Melchett

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    Tally bally hoooo
    Ginge and I were at the Dolphin yesterday and I think you must have been hit by a Jerry bullet blue juice
    The results werent a joke and Barton directed by that 'Young' Dick Evans deserved their win plus the prizes, regardless of how many notes they played they won the percussion prize, also well done to that handsome lot from Ashington directed by that devilshly dashing Steve Malcolm, busy man of late,
    Ginge and I detect some 'sour' grapes it because you lot were unplaced..get a grip thats contesting....
    If you require something to moan about come and clean out Private Baldricks underpants!!!!
  3. theflyingscot

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  4. six pints

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    Which ones are the handsome ones? I obviously can't see them from where I sit!
  5. grausue

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    1st Section Champions!!


    Well done to all at Barton! Brilliant result. Good luck at the finals and in the top section. Whoop whoop. Come on! :clap:

    Sue Grau
    Foss Dyke
  6. Sparky

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    Well done to all the prize winners in sections 1 and 2, especially to the guys and gals from Wansbeck's Ashington - Great result! Well done to our Sop, Laurence Peart for winning the best Sop prize (albeit with another band).
  7. craigsville

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    Well done to all in Catterick Brass, it was a good result for our first contest, looking forward now to Harrogate.
  8. dak

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    BECAUSE THEY ARE BEHIND YOU. Dick, Damien ,Nigel, Ged and Richard.
    All have performed on Radio version of the "Chippendales"
  9. PeterBale

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    Fourth Section:
    Sunday, March 21st

    Draw: 8.30am
    Commences: 9.30am.
    Adjudicator: John Berryman

    1. Stape Silver (M. Breckon), 10*
    2. NASUWT Riverside Concert (J. Bell), 4*
    3. Backworth Colliery (D. Beckley), 2
    4. East Riding of Yorkshire (P. Andrews), 5
    5. Trimdon Concert (P.Ash), 9
    6. Stanhope Silver (S. Robson), 7
    7. Knaresborough Silver (R. Ilsley), 1
    8. Kingsway Printers Cleethorpes (S. Askew), 8
    9. Spennymoor Town (J. Davidson), 11
    10. Swinton & District Excelsior (N. Sutherland), 6
    11. Lanchester (D. Brennan), 3

    *Top 2 bands qualify for Harrogate

    Best Cornet: Laura Breckon (Stape)
    Best Euphonium: Beth Breckon (Stape)

    Craghead Colliery (B. Wright), Withdrawn

    Courtesy of 4br
  10. michellegarbutt

    michellegarbutt Supporting Member

    3rd section also curtesy of 4bars rest

    1. Ferryhill Town (Susan Norris), 1*
    2. York Railway Institute (G. Eddison), 8*
    3. Ripon City (M. Dibb), 4
    4. North Skelton (T. Oldroyd), 2
    5. Kirkby Lonsdale (A. Greenwood), 7
    6. Dunston Silver (Sue Murrill), 3
    7. Marske Brass (A. Prest), 6
    8. Bearpark & Esh Colliery (V. Eckerman), 5
    9. Durham Constabulary (K. McDonald), 9

    *Top 2 bands qualify for Harrogate
  11. Championship results anyone please?
  12. John_D

    John_D Member

    Reg Vardy, Riverside, then no idea. van't find them yet
  13. Pedge

    Pedge New Member

    From 4BR
    1. Reg Vardy (Prof. N. Childs), 1
    2. NASUWT Riverside (I. Robinson), 5
    3. Fishburn (A. Morrison), 9
    4. Felling Band (G. Tindall), 3
    5. Kirkbymoorside Town (J. Woodward), 2
    6. Easington Colliery (D. Hirst), 4
    7. East Yorkshire Motor Services (S. Lippeatt), 8
    8. GT Group. Peterlee (S. Malcolm), 7
    9. Westoe Brass (S. Kerwin), 6
  14. Any comments on the results.
    EYMS 7th - did they deserve that?
  15. Pedge

    Pedge New Member

    With regards 3rd section, I can tell you there are some stunned people in Skelton tonight...
  16. killer

    killer Member

    Must admit i expected NSB to be up there but then again sh 1 t happens. Anyway, well done York Railway Inst. Cracking result.
  17. Ruthless

    Ruthless Member

    Well done everyone at Barton. Brilliant result yet again

  18. FeistyFlugel

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    I feel we couldn't have really played any better if we had a few goes at it. Band played very well indeed. A very well done must go to all the soloist especially Gareth on still got it mate..stunning!

    Obviously not what Mr W. wanted today?:confused:

    Yeah well done Railway and Ferryhill, good luck in the Finals.:clap:
  19. steve butler

    steve butler Active Member

    Congrats to South Milford and Shepherds on their 3rd places
  20. gaz

    gaz New Member

    no thought they should have won with riverside second and maybe fishburn or ever ready 3rd or 4th top man at riverside outstanding

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