North of England Regional Championships - 2010

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    North of England Regional Championships
    The Dolphin Centre, Darlington
    Championship Section
    Sunday 21st March pm
    English Heritage, George Lloyd
    Adjudicator: John Berryman

    Easington Colliery, David Hirst
    East Yorkshire Motor Services, S Lippeatt
    Felling Band, G Tindall
    Fishburn, A Morrison
    GT Gp Peterlee, S Malcolm
    Kirkbymoorside Town, J Woodward
    NASUWT Riverside, I Robinson
    Reg Vardy, Dr N Childs
    Westoe Brass,tba.

    North of England Regional Championships
    First Section
    Saturday 20th March
    (follows second section)
    A Moorside Suite, Gustav Holst
    Adjudicator: Kevin Wadsworth

    Barton Town, R Evans
    Durham Miners’ Association, A Exley
    Flookburgh, J Iveson
    Harrogate, R Waite
    Murton Colliery, D Noble
    Shepherd Group, tba
    Wansbecks’ Ashington Colliery, S Malcolm

    North of England Regional Championships
    Second Section
    Saturday 20th March Start 12.30pm
    Kingdom of Dragons, Philip Harper
    Adjudicator: Kevin Wadsworth

    Barrow Shipyard, G Clough
    Billingham Silver, V Evans
    Catterick Brass J Blenkiron & Sons Ltd, S Halliday
    Cockerton Prize Silver, G Nicklin
    Dearham, G J Williams
    Houghton Brass, T Gibson
    Northumbrian Water Ellington Colliery, J Fenwick
    South Milford Brass, M Davison

    North of England Regional Championships
    Third Section
    Sunday, March 21st (to follow fourth section)
    Labour & Love, Percy Fletcher
    Adjudicator: Kevin Wadsworth

    Bearpark & Esh Colliery, V Eckerman
    Dunston Silver, Sue Murrill
    Durham Constabulary, K McDonald
    Ferryhill Town, Susan Norris
    Kirkby Lonsdale, A Greenwood
    Marske Brass, A Prest
    North Skelton, T Oldroyd
    Ripon City, M Dibb
    York Railway Institute, G Eddison

    North of England Regional Championships
    Fourth Section
    Sunday, March 21st Start 9.30am
    Saint-Saens Variations, Philip Sparke
    Adjudicator: John Berryman

    Backworth Colliery, D Beckley
    Craghead Colliery, B Wright
    East Riding of Yorkshire, P Andrews
    Kingsway Printers Cleethorpes, S Askew
    Knaresborough Silver, R Ilsley
    Lanchester, tba
    NASUWT Riverside Concert, J Bell
    Spennymoor Town, J Davidson
    Stanhope Silver, S Robson
    Stape Silver, M Breckon
    Swinton & District Excelsior, N Sutherland
    Trimdon Concert, P Ash

    Information courtesy:
  2. killer

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    Is anyone going to this contest !!!!!
  3. sudcornet

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    Nah...thought I might give it a miss this year!... ;-)
  4. tubafran

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    Does seem a bit light on the posting front - what no band being followed by TV cameras, no kick-off about the venue, no pending controversy regarding dynamic?

    Oh well we live in hope :)
  5. Bass Man

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    Here we go again, I can't wait for Sunday, I've had quite enough English Heritage for one lifetime
  6. geordiecolin

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    I might pop in for a blow sometime on Sunday.
  7. michellegarbutt

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    Saturday sounds quite a good day for me
  8. Yorkie

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    3rd Section Contest

    I am bursting with eager anticipation for our first contest under the baton of our excellent new conductor Gordon Eddison. The band is playing well and there is a real sense of optimism for the future. Roll on Sunday and hopefully what will be an enjoyable and successful competition.
  9. Andy_Euph

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    Any results yet?
  10. Charmed

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    Second Section:
    Saturday 20th March

    Draw: 11.00am
    Commences: 12.30pm.
    Adjudicator: Kevin Wadsworth

    1. Cockerton Prize Silver (G. Nicklin), 5
    2. Catterick Brass (S. Halliday), 6
    3. South Milford Brass (M. Davison), 7
    4. Dearham (G.J. Williams), 1
    5. Northumbrian Water Ellington Colliery (J. Fenwick), 4
    6. Houghton Brass (T. Gibson), 2
    7. Billingham Silver (V. Evans), 3

    Barrow Shipyard (G. Clough), Withdrawn

    Best Euphonium: Brendan Wheeler (Catterick)
    Best Soprano: Cockerton (borrowed from Flookburgh)
    Best Basses: Cockerton

    Courtesy of 4barsrest
  11. Andy_Euph

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    Haha fair play to Brendan, what out darlington if he's on the beer! ;)
  12. tubalation

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    Anyone able to enlighten us all on this one? - It's very unusual to borrow in the regionals (except from the previous band) and probably unique to borrow from a higher section (except the enlightened use of a limited number of section 3 players in section 4 contests) .

  13. trombone-john

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    Taken from National rules.

    16. a) In the event of a player being unable to compete due to personal or family illness, injury,
    bereavement or other emergency occurrence prior to the draw, the delegate may apply to
    the Contest Management for a deputy player, submitting documentary evidence in support
    of the application, either at the draw or within SEVEN (7) DAYS of the date of the
    Providing the Contest Management is satisfied the application is genuine, the band
    drawn immediately before the band making the application must supply the relevant
    deputy with the band part and instrument, if applicable. In the event of the lending band
    not having such a player or instrument, the Contest Management may use discretion as to
    the next band required to supply the deputy player. If the band making the application is
    drawn first, the band drawn last must supply the deputy player. In the event of a split
    draw, this will mean the band drawn to play last in that group.
    It is the responsibility of the lending band’s delegate to ensure that the deputy player
    fulfils this commitment. The player acting as deputy must not accept payment for his

    According to the rules, the dep should have been provided by Ellington, Unless they didn't have a sop?
  14. Andy_Euph

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    First Section:
    Saturday 20th March

    Draw: 1.30pm
    Commences: at end of Second Section
    Adjudicator: Kevin Wadsworth

    1. Barton Town (R. Evans), 1*
    2. Wansbecks Ashington Colliery (S. Malcolm), 3*
    3. Shepherd Group (R. Wilton), 7
    4. Harrogate (R. Waite), 4
    5. Flookburgh (J. Iveson), 5
    6. Murton Colliery (D. Noble), 2
    7. Durham Miners Association (A. Exley), 6

    *Top 2 bands qualify for Harrogate

    From 4barsrest.
  15. dak

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    Sorry but nothing for anyone to get there knickers in a twist. Sop was indeed from Ellington as per the rules
  16. dak

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    whoops there their
  17. blue juice

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    1st section results a joke. How a band can get best percussion when the percussion have nothing to do except about 4 notes in the last movement and they missed the last note is beyond me. Next year have a piece that doesn't rely on the adjudicators interpretation to differentiate between first and last.
  18. yorkie19

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    A band can get best percussion because there is a best percussion prize? Therefore, someone has to win it. Maybe they played the 4 notes in the last movement better than anyone else?

    How are the results a joke?
  19. dak

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    Yes Lets do away with the "CONTEST".All bands bring a piece of string.The band with the longest piece wins. Power to the impartial tape measure, and when we don,t win then we can all go home and complain about, metric or imperial units , who,s job it was to hold the tape, they seemed to be pulling the string,it rained and my string shrank, another band cut my string.
  20. michellegarbutt

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