North of England Regional Championships - 2009

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Di, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. bigcol

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    I believe there is a strong case that we have one section too many now in banding - removing a section and reorganising bands is probably what the correspondent is refering to when he says reorganisation.
  2. westoe_horn

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    I agree that there is one section too many. But the argument will come that there are still sections in the Midlands etc. where there are 15+ bands and to abolish a section would cause further problems. Maybe it's a case of re-drawing the boundaries again....?

    But i think it is true that we just don't have enough bands to support 5 sections up here (that has consequences such as bands getting promoted up the sections too quickly etc.) and to be honest we don't seem to have enough players to support the existing bands.
  3. Lucian Carstairs

    Lucian Carstairs New Member

    Maybe it's a case of re-drawing the boundaries again....?

    Yes, I tend to agree with this, not many of the true Northern bands qualified this year which is a shame, seems the northern area is seen as a easy qualification route for some bands from far afield.
  4. killer

    killer Member

    You raised this same issue last year Lucian, remember, bands dont have a choice in which area they play in, and as far as the Northern area seen as an easy route to qualification,, well I dont agree with that , there are good bands and not so good bands in whatever area you happen to be competing in, furthermore, if the "Yorkshire" bands, to which you may be referring were to have their regions re assigned then the competing bands in the Northen area would be further reduced which would be a real shame.
    The band in which i play may reside in Yorkshire but believe me we are proud to compete in the North and were lucky enough to represent said North in the finals last year and once again this coming year, nothing would please me more than to win or be runners up to North Skelton in the finals this year as representatives for the North of England.

    absolutely no offence intended :)
  5. Lucian Carstairs

    Lucian Carstairs New Member

    Hello Killer, how are you?
    No offence taken at all and I'm sorry if I've offended any bandsmen/women who compete in the Area contest at Darlington from Yorkshire, the point I'm making is that it is disheartening to many of us playing in Bands from Durham/Northumberland to compete at our local area contest then be beaten by bands from sometimes such a long way from the North East. But, may I add we were fairly beaten by North Skelton and South Milford and I would like to take this opportunity to wish both bands all the very best for the finals.
  6. contestmaster

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    I have recently recieved an email from a friend who has forwarded me some remarks from a MD friend of his. I understand that i may have said somethings out of order to some members of tmp. and for this i am deeply sorry. i said somethings about some of the bands who competed and im very sorry. i will however be continuing my views tmp for future forums. Maybe some others on this thread should consider saying sorry to other members. thank you.

    Walter Boyle
  7. agentorange

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    Well said Killer, i agree 100% with your comments. As you know, we're in a similar (geographical) position to yourselves so are subject to the same implied critisism.
    I have to say though, it is in the main the YORKSHIRE bands who tend to accuse us (or me at least!) of taking an easy route to London (not that we have any choice which region we play in). I've never had anything other than genuine congratulations from those in the North so i applaud eveyone who wished us well :clap:. There was no moaning, no sour grapes, and we were even given a bottle of bubbly from a Reg Vardy Player! Fair play to them, they were amonst the first to shake our hands and i sincerely hope we both do well in London, and all other Northern Area bands (especially South Milford and Barton Bands) bring home some silver from Harrogate.
  8. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    Any ideas where I might find an up-to-date grading table. Area website still hasn't been updated. I could guess but I don't want to.

  9. bigcol

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    Grading tables won't be published until after the next AGM which is 5th October.
  10. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    Thanks bc
  11. theflyingscot

    theflyingscot New Member

    The site will be updated on Tuesday!!!!!!!

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