North of England 2nd and 1st Section Results

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    1. Kirbymoorside, J. Woodward, 7, 191
    2. Barrow Shipyard, J. Durrant, 3, 190
    3. Gregg’s Bakery, T. Swainson, 5, 188
    4. Easington Colliery, David Hirst, 1, 187
    5. Pride Valley, B. Morton, 2, 186
    6. York Railway Institute, D. Warley, 6, 185
    7. Langbaurgh Brass, T. Oldroyd, 4

    Best bass section: Kirbymoorside
    Best perc: Barrow Shipyard


    1. Ellington Colliery, D. Wright, 2, 192
    2. Felling, G. Tindall, 3, 191
    3. Houghton Brass, T. Gibson, 7, 190
    4. GT Group Peterlee, B. Holden, 8, 189
    5. Spennymoor Town, D. Beckley, 6, 188
    6. Wansbeck’s Ashington, N. Stedman, 5, 187
    7. Cockerton Prize Silver, Anthony Taylor, 4, 186
    8. Flimby Saxhorn, G. Evans, 1, 185

    Barnard Castle, I. Johnson, W
    Lanchester, G. Tindall, W

    Best Euphonium: Spennymoor Town

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  2. geordiecolin

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    Great to see Felling and Ellington qualifying as the competition at Harrogate seeing as I have links with both bands!! Well Done!!

    I also believe that both bands are in that 2nd promotion spot so best of luck to you both!

    For full updated grading tables see here
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    What a fantastic result, our first year back in the section.... roll on harrogate and see you there Colin :D
  4. tim

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    Did anyone listen to the whole section and what did you think the result shjould have been??? We figure the draw didn't help us very much but we've gone from a relegation position to mid table i think so thats nice!!!

    Congratulations to all bands that qualified!
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    I think every one played well, but i wasn't shure bought the results, i mean greggs was missing half of the percussion and a lot of bits were out of sync! how the hell they get 3rd? but as tim says, we wen't from the bottom of the table to the middle, thats got to count for sumet!
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    Well done to the guys from barrow!