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  1. North Londoner

    North Londoner Member

    Enfield, North London
    Hello all, I just wanted to let you know some exciting news about the brand new, start-up band we've formed, North London Brass. We're based in the leafy, London suburb of Enfield (famous for its motorcycles, rifles and, erm, Amy Winehouse)

    Most of our instruments have come from eBay, most of our musicians have come from my telephone directory or Gumtree, most of our music has come from stock-clearance sales, but we are blessed with enthusiasm, determination and a vision to kick-start brass playing and banding here in our corner of the world.

    We were formed in January 2010, that's approx 3 months BSP ('Before Sue Perkins'). We had over twenty players at our first rehearsal, which was a shock! We've made steady progress and now have a good core of improving players and professionals in 'for the blow'.

    We have a weekly Training Band session as well as a North London Brass Senior Band and we're particularly keen to get the support of experienced local brass players who may like to come in for a session of two (or more regularly if they enjoy it) to give our people some inspiration and, possibly, help train up our learners of all ages.

    We meet on Wednesday evenings at:

    Christ Church URC Hall
    Chase Side
    EN2 6NJ

    Training Band runs from 7.00pm to 8.00pm and North London Brass Senior Band rehearsal is from 8.00pm until 9.40pm.

    We've even got our first gigs in the book now - a Brass Band Showcase Evening on Wednesday 23 June 2010 in Enfield, a performance at our local School Summer Fair on the afternoon of Saturday 3 July 2010 and a couple of other community events in the autumn.

    Are there any The Mouthpiece members/readers out there who would, please, be kind enough to come and help us get North London Brass firmly established - I'm thinking particularly to bolster our numbers for our June Showcase and local gig in July and the rehearsals leading up to those?

    We're a friendly bunch and we do have some good musicians amongst the ranks - you might find you enjoy it and, since we run all year round, you may find the extra regular blow helpful.

    We also run a well-established Big Band Jazz night on Thursdays, at another venue in Enfield, and some of our brass band players 'cross over' by doing both. If you've ever fancied trying your hand on the jazz side, but never had the chance, well you have now!

    Come and see what we're up to and say hello - full details on our website, which is:

    ...or you can email or call me on: 020 8366 0657

    Thanks for reading - hope to hear from you soon. Best wishes. Martyn

    Martyn Stogden
    Director - North London Brass
  2. The Wherryman

    The Wherryman Active Member

    Welcome to tMP, Martyn...and what a very positive first post. It's good to know that bands are starting as well as finishing and more power to your elbow. I wish you every success, although you're just a bit to far from sunny Norfolk for me to come and have a blow.
  3. floppymute

    floppymute Member

    I wish you the best of luck and a prosperous future :clap:
  4. bassbander

    bassbander New Member


    I'm new to London and wondered what other bands there are in the area-I'd love to come to your band but work Wednesday evenings-I'd be greatful if you could help me,

  5. bassendworld

    bassendworld Member

    south of watford gap

    Hi Martyn

    Congratulations with this, great to see

    I have a stack full of old music (some ancient!) and less old music that we have no use of anymore. So if it can help your library growth........

    PM if you want a list and i'll draw something up for you. For the newer stuff I may have to make a small charge but nothing much

  6. North Londoner

    North Londoner Member

    Enfield, North London

    Thank you ever so much, Ian. That's really kind of you to help with building our library - and we don't mind playing ancient stuff, in fact we quite like it.

    Please do let me have a list of what you have available and, yes, of course, we're perfectly happy to make a donation towards your own band funds.

    We really appreciate this support - thanks again.

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