North American Rankings - March 2005

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  1. DublinBass

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    After the results of the last contest, I have updated my rankings of the North American Bands

    (I changed the system a bit so now instead of 0.00 being a perfect score, 100 is a perfect score). Championship Bands can recieve from 87.5-100.0 points based on their performance relative to the field, Honors Bands 77.5-92.5 and Challenge 67.5-82.5. Contest are weighted by the number and level of bands attending. A band must have competed at two of the six contests in the past four years.

    1.....BB Central Florida - 98.81 (1)
    2.....Chicago BB - 98.68 (2)
    3.....Atlantic BB - 96.84 (7)
    4.....Fountain City BB - 94.55 (NR)
    5.....BB Columbus - 93.97 (3)
    6.....James Madison Univ BB - 92.50 (8 )
    7.....BB Western Reserve - 92.38 (5)
    8.....St. Louis BB - 92.19 (4)
    9.....Illinois BB - 91.16 (6)
    10...Eastern Iowa BB - 89.27 (9)
    11...Cincinnati BB - 87.96 (10)
    12...Central Ohio BB - 86.33 (15)
    13...Sheldon Theatre B - 86.24 (11)
    14...Prarie BB - 84.68 (14)
    15...Sunshine BB - 82.31 (12)
    16...Spires BB - 81.40 (20)
    17...New England BB - 81.16 (18 )
    18...Ozark Mountain BB - 80.94 (16)
    19...Natural State BB - 79.64 (NR)
    20...Motor City BB - 79.26 (17)
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  2. brasscrest

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    How does this compare with the previous results, Pat? It would be interesting to see who's moving up and down in your rankings.
  3. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    Done...previous ranking now in parenthesis
  4. brasscrest

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  5. EIBB_Ray

    EIBB_Ray Member

    Interesting. I'm pleased (and shocked) that we are holding 10th while not having competed in the last 3 contests.....(we haven't chickened out, circumstances have prevailed.)

    I was wondering how you score the US Open, since there are no classes? (Not questioning the validity of your rankings, just wondering how competing there compares with competing at NABBA.)

  6. DublinBass

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    I wouldn't be shocked by your result ray...As far as I can remember...Eastern Iowa was always at the top of the Honors Section years back and has (while not excelled)...still held their own at NABBA and the U.S. Open competing against the top bands.

    As far as your question. The U.S. Open is weighted accordingto the number and level of North American bands attending. Both years there were 3 Championship Section Bands and 2 Honors Section Bands. That would give it a weight of around 3*3+2*2=13 or so. (FYI NABBA Would have been weighted around 3*6+2*7+1*4=36 or so this year...on the road, don't have exact numbers)

    The other bit is that because it is mixed sections, the average score for a Championship Contest is around 94, for an honors 85, so weighted again 3 Champs to 2 Honors means that the average score for the US Opens is 91(+/-9) with the winner getting 100 and the loser 82.

    Any bands that have not competed twice in the past 4 years are not included...and that number may go up. Also, old results are diminished in weight over that 4 year period.
  7. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    According to the BB Central Florida website (, they have been invited to play at this years British Open in Birmingham. It may be a push to get finances settled that quickly for a trip of that magnitude, but best of luck to them!

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