North American Championships 2010

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  1. Statto

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    Any interest this side of the pond in the North American Championships, taking place in Raleigh, North Carolina this weekend? 18 bands taking part, 5 in the top section, and Fountain City Brass Band going for 4 titles in a row.

    Previously, bands were barred after a hat-trick - BB of Columbus, Illinois twice - so a Fountain win would be a consecutive wins record.

    Lots of Championship Section stats available here and look out for the top section result appearing here.

  2. DublinBass

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    FYI the 5th competing band is NOT Columbus (Jameson), but rather Brass of the Potomac (Stephen Bulla)

    BTW...I've heard rumours Dinnington Colliery are competing in the 3rd section...anybody know if this is true?
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  3. Aidan

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    yeah they are true.. if its Holmfirth contest you are talking about? :)
  4. Statto

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    Thank BBCBass. Now changed. Had to guess a bit from the bands listed in the latest Bridge issue.;)

    Is there a website where the results will be posted?
  5. DublinBass

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    Normally they have been posted somewhere on the or NABBA Bridge website by midnight EST time (5am GMT), but I'm not quite sure how that'll work.

    Probably better off staying tuned to tMP or 4br
  6. fsteers

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    I'm writing this from Meymandi Hall, site of the contest, with the program in my other hand. Fountain City are about to begin, and Atlantic Brass will close things out at 9:00.

    Yes, Dinnington Colliery competed in 3rd section. Didn't get to hear them as I was attending a funeral this morning, however, I've heard a lot of positive comments about their performance.
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  7. DublinBass

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    1.Fountain City Brass Band (Parisi)
    2.James Madison Brass Band (Stees)
    3.Brass of the Potomac (Bulla)

    1st Section
    1.Central Ohio Brass Band (Sneeringer)
    2.Georgia Brass Band (Johnson)
    3.Massanutten Brass Band (Stees)

    more to come
  8. DublinBass

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    1.Fountain City Brass Band (Parisi) - 290.4
    2.James Madison Brass Band (Stees) - 284.6
    3.Brass of the Potomac (Bulla) - 281.6
    -Atlantic Brass Band (Hannevik)
    -Chicago Brass Band (Holman)

    1st Section
    1.Central Ohio Brass Band (Sneeringer) - 189.2
    2.Georgia Brass Band (Johnson) - 188.2
    3.Massanutten Brass Band (Stees) - 188.0
    -New England Brass Band (Bulla)
    -Princeton Brass Band (Allen)
    -Triangle Brass Band (Granados)

    2nd Section
    1.Spires Brass Band (Slezak) - 279.4
    2.Chesapeake Silver Cornet Band (Murray Jr.) - 274.4
    -Brass Band of the Tri-State (Clark) - 256.8

    3rd Section
    1.Oakland University Brass Band (Kroesche) - 276.2

    Open Section
    -Triangle Youth Brass Band (Granados)
    -Triangle Youth Brass Ensemble. (Rackley)

    Solo and Ensemble Contest
    High Brass Technical
    1. Andrew Malovance, Chicago
    2.Cyndi Salata, Illinois
    3.Peter Pirotte, Fountain City

    Low Brass Technical
    1. Brian Scott, Fountain City
    2. Travis Anderson, New England
    3. Grant Jameson, Central Ohio

    High Brass Slow Melody
    1.Matthew Vangjel, Fountain City
    2.Lawrence Pennel, Rocky Mountain
    3.David Mayo, Massanutten

    Low Brass Slow Melody
    1.W. Kermit Britt, Spires
    2.William Berndt, Chicago
    3. Helen Tyler, Fountain City