Norman Wisdom - In A Marching Band

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    With the sad news this week of Norman Wisdom's passing, I thought it would be light relief to watch a clip of him performing in a band, albeit a military style band.

    Some nice tips for trombone players there.

    Brassed Off performance in Delph has nothing on this!
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    The late George Lock is there on side drum, Hanwell's drummer for many years.

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    Great clip! Remember it well! :clap: I must be getting old.. ;)
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    Nice to see the G trombone in action (early in the clip). I wonder who really played the trombone. My guess would be George Chisholm..
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    That's quality. Good old fashioned simple British humour. Although I knew he was ill and obviously old I was still sad to hear that he'd died.

    In the randomness that is sometimes life I actually met him - in the car park of the Grand Hotel in Leicester. We were doing a gig there and while packing stuff away in the boot of the car afterwards, a voice behind me said "'scuse me, but can you please tell me where reception is?", I turned around and there (about three feet below me) stood Norman Wisdom. I was so shocked I told him where to go (to reception!) without even acknowleging who he was. At least I didn't have some sort of raving hysterical fan fit.

    But anyway - RIP Norman - another British comedy legend lost.
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    Norman Wisdom joined the band of the 10th Royal Hussars in 1930 as a drummer boy and learnt to play several instruments , including clarinet during his time with them.
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    look at that lovely G trom ...............
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