Norfolk Wind Orchestra - New Concert 'Wind' Band in East Anglia

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  1. Robin Norman

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    Hi All,

    I'm involved in the organising committee of a new Concert 'Wind' Band based in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. This is a new group that is starting aiming to play higher end wind band works.

    Membership of the band will be open to any players (Brass, Woodwind or Percussion) over the age of 18 who are a minimum of Grade 6 standard. Whilst the group is named the Norfolk Wind Orchestra anyone who meets the criteria and doesn't mind travelling to Kings Lynn for rehearsals is welcome. The aim is just to meet about 4 times a year, rehearse for a weekend, and then perform a concert at the end.

    To get the thing started we are organising a one day introductory rehearsal/workshop on Saturday 16th April. This will be held at Springwood High School in Kings Lynn with the rehearsal happening from 10.00am with a 'play-through' informal concert at 2.00pm.

    If you are interested in taking part in this day send me a PM with contact e-mail address and instrument played and I'll pass them onto the person handling the list.

    Cheers, see you there.
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    Wind bands - the 5th section.
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    I hope that you are extremely succesful with the new Wind Band, it is good to hear about new bands starting up although I cannot help but feel a little sceptical about you playing the more demanding music for Wind Bands with just a short rehearsal time and then putting on a concert straight after, would you not be better spending a bit more time rehearsing?
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    I wonder if this sort of response is one of the reasons that we see many posts wanting to know why Brass Bands seem to be in decline or that Brass Bands are finding hard to attract or keep players????

    Elitism is not a good trait in any walk of life.
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    I was thinking the same thing last night to be honest, not exactly helpful from bariwizard.

    To respond to your post Par10 the rehearsals are the 'getting together' bits, the plan is that when we get the whole things up and running regularly after the opening session music will be sent out in advance so members can have a look before the rehearsals.

    We are trying to service a need in the area that has been brought to our attention where players want to play in a higher standard group but, because of the ever-increasing work and family commitments, cannot commit to weekly rehearsals where they travel long distances. We are hopeful that this will work, perhaps we will have to re-think at a later date depending on what the members want but we want to try to give it a go.

    Thanks for all the PMs so far, numbers are already shaping up.