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    Edit: For current vacancies see most recent posts

    Newly formed band 'Norfolk Wherry Brass' require cornet, horn, bass and percussion players. The band was formed earlier this year by a group of amateur and professional musicians from across East Anglia. We are entering the EABBA Contest in May and probably Stevenage next March. The band are a friendly bunch and are looking forward to new players joining them soon. We currently rehearse on Tuesday evenings near Stalham, Norfolk and have a few engagements booked over the summer period.
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  2. UncleStreaky

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    Coming to UEA? You'll need a band then!

    If you're coming to the University of East Anglia and are looking for a band, check out Norfolk Wherry Brass!

    Great bunch of people, all new band set up this year!

    Drop us a line and come down for a blow. And join us afterwards in the Crown for a good selection of real ale.
  3. UncleStreaky

    UncleStreaky Member

    Wanted Dead or Alive!

    But preferably alive! Immediately after the Areas, Norfolk Wherry Brass will be on the hunt for basses and cornets. We know you're out there!

    Come and join our band of merry musicians.

    Call 01502 567832.

    And if you're in Stevenage for the Areas, come and see us in concert on Saturday 19 March at Knights Templar School, Baldock. 7:30pm. And bring a friend!
  4. UncleStreaky

    UncleStreaky Member

    Wherry Good Basses Needed

    Didn't anyone tell you?​

    :clap:WE WON!:clap:

    Norfolk Wherry Brass has been going just 12 months now and we have just won our first regional contest! Promotion to 3rd section and off to Finals! HURRAAHHH!​

    But we need some help in the boiler house, so...​

    Basses please step forward!

    Come and join a band that is going somewhere.​

    Call 01502 567832.​

  5. Cornishwomble

    Cornishwomble Active Member

    I went to school with your conductor, I'd never have guessed in a million years that he would become a man of authority, he was a right tearaway at school!

    Nice to see him doing well though and good luck for the finals!

    HANNAH Member

    he still is!!!
  7. Soppy

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    there seems to be a shortage of Basses in Norfolk. We had to withdraw from Stevenage because we couldn't find any Bb Basses.
  8. UncleStreaky

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    That's a shame. We had two BBb's but only one EEb on the day, and they did a great job! But ideally we need to find an additional EEb and BBb to augment the band for the coming season.

    Long term we need more basses in Norfolk. Seems the same the whole world over, but more so here in the East. Anybody willing to switch to bass will probably find themselves much in demand and very busy!

    A good bass player will never be without friends in Norfolk.

  9. Chunky

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    Must be why me, Liz, Pav and Mark have so many friends then! I thought you liked us as people, now I know its just because we play bass
  10. I'm lucky enough to play with Cawston, in a full bass section, by the sounds of it one of the few in Norfolk. Most of us are more than willing to help other local bands as and when we can. I know i am.
  11. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    And we are lucky to play with you!
  12. Soppy

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    Well we've got 2 Eb's @ Matthews, but no Bb. We couldn't really compete in the 1st section like that.

    Transfer anyone? It's half the work load at Matthews too than Cawston because we only practice once a week. And the room is better than that tiny one at the front!
  13. Many thanks for the offer to play in the big room. ;)

    I know i speak for Chunky when i say we like to help out other bands but have no intention in leaving Cawston for a very long time, it's just too much fun there.
  14. Maestro

    Maestro Active Member

    Don't build him up please Chunky. Gis head wont get through the door.

    Hi there Pav old boy!!!!!

    Hope the missus is fine.
  15. UncleStreaky

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    Had hoped to find people who wanted to join a band that was "going somewhere".

    Three contests in our first year, including 2 x 1st prize, a promotion and a place at the finals. Don't mind a bit of work to get the right results cos it's so much fun when it pays off!

    (I'm sure Cawston feels the same - congrats on your 3rd place at Stevenage by the way)


    Norfolk Wherry Brass
  16. Thanks Mike, not a bad day for Norfolk banding. :clap:

    You can't beat a good contest day, can you.

    Play first, drink beer, placed third, drink beer. :biggrin:

    Nice to see another Norfolk band doing well in the contest arena, still it's not for everyone, is it. :cool:

  17. UncleStreaky

    UncleStreaky Member

    Win Prizes With Wherry!

    Eight First Prizes
    in our first four contests!


    Can you help us do more of the same?

    New players needed to add to this forward looking band

    ** First Class Soprano Cornet **
    ** EEb Bass **
    ** BBb Bass **

    Come and join a band that is going somewhere!​

    Call 01502 567832​


    Planned Contests

    July 2005 - Norfolk Wherry Brass, Solo Duet & Quartet Contest
    September 2005 - National Finals 4th Section
    October 2005 - Pontins Prestatyn 4th Section
    March 2006 - London & Southern Counties 3rd Section
    May 2006 - EABBA Championship Section

    Contest History

    March 2004:
    • Band Formed​
    May 2004: EABBA Class B

    • 1st Prize Hymn Tune​
    • 1st Prize Test Piece (Dimensions)​
    • 1st Prize Best Euphonium​
    • 1st Prize Highest Aggregate Score (B & C Classes)​
    • 1st Prize Best Conductor (B & C Classes)​
    • Promotion to EABBA Class A​
    Nov 2004: Leicester 4th Section
    • 3rd Prize (Ship Builders)
    March 2005: L&SC Region 4th Section
    • 1st Prize Test Piece (Divertimento)​
    • Promotion to 3rd Section​
    • Invitation to National Finals​
    May 2005: EABBA Class A
    • 1st Prize Hymn Tune
    • 1st Prize Test Piece (The Aeronauts)​
    • 2nd Prize Highest Aggregate Score (Championship & A Classes)​
    • Promotion to EABBA Championship Class​
  18. Ali

    Ali Member

    You could have at least spelt Championship right Mike!
  19. UncleStreaky

    UncleStreaky Member

    Cheers for that mate!

    A star bass player that can play, drink loads AND spell!

    Hey - it's not you that's been teasing our MD about his wiggle-bot in our guest book is it?
  20. Ali

    Ali Member

    I no nothing about any wiggle-bot and I really dont want to ask!!!!

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