Norfolk Wherry Brass Solo, Duet & Quartet Competition

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    Don't forget to get your entries in by the closing date - 24 June 2005

    Norfolk Wherry Brass are delighted to annonce plans for their first Annual Solo, Duet and Quartet Competition to take place on 30 July 2005 at the Stalham High School, Norfolk.

    Details and entry forms are available from and the closing date for entries is 24 June 2005.

    Entry is open to both brass and woodwind players in different classes of entry as follows:
    • Brass Solo - Slow Melody: Under 12, Under 16, Open (Any age)
    • Brass Solo - Aire Varie: Open (Any age)
    • Brass Duet: Under 14, Open (Any age)
    • Brass Quartet: Under 14, Open (Any age)
    • Woodwind Solo: Under 12, Under 16, Open (Any age)
    Prizes will include trophies, medals and certificates. Music vouchers may also be awarded subject to entry levels and/or additional sponsorship.

    Adjudicators: We are delighted to announce that the adjudicators will include:
    • Major Ian McElligott (former Director of Music to the Band of the Coldstream Guards)
    • Major Barry Wassell (Deputy Chief Instructor, Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall)
    • Captain Leigh Sharpe (Director of Music to the Band of the Dragoon Guards)
    A "Resident Pianist" will be available if required for Solo and Duet candidates unable to find their own pianist.

    Please visit for the full details or contact the Contest Controller, Mike Thorn on 01502 567832 or

    You should also be able to find details and Entry Forms attached to this notice.

    Mike Thorn

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    Entry forms are also available by post if you would like to contact me by phone or email as above.

    Mike Thorn
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    Solo, Duet & Quartet Competition

    The closing date for entries is approaching - don't forget to get those entries in by 24 June!


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