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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Al, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. Al

    Al Member

    I've played in one band that had a few non-playing members at their practices, such as secretary and librarian or people to make the tea, and another band that had no non-playing members at all. I suppose it is up to the committee or the MD, or perhaps it is tradition.

    I was abroad once, and I was taken around all the local bands' practices, which seemed the done thing for people to walk in and out and sit and listen (obviously unobtrusively as possible).

    I just wondered what other bands generally do?
  2. halsasaurus

    halsasaurus Member

    As many as possible I would say. The band need to concentrate on the music and if all other necessary activitie are covered by others, who are aware of the etiquette required in the band room, then great!
  3. Di

    Di Active Member

    So long as they don't cause a distraction, I don't think you can exclude non-players from the bandroom. I for one would have had to have spent literally 1,000's of hours sitting out in the car if I wasn't allowed in the bandroom. :eek:
  4. flugelman

    flugelman Member

    We have about 3 who come regularly but cause no distraction at all. This sometimes increases to above 5 the week before a contest

  5. michellegarbutt

    michellegarbutt Supporting Member

    We have a few. They sit in the band room cupboard (which is amost as big as the bandroom),and the work they do with the library, equipment, paperwork etc. is invaluble
  6. BIG Paul

    BIG Paul Member

    we have two regular sometimes rises to 5, all know how to behave, if none were allowed then I would be very lonely, and much more of the background work would fall onto players.
  7. Al

    Al Member

    Nice replies, thanks!

    I'm not saying that our band discourages people, but I think sometimes they are not made as welcome as they should be. Years ago there was one elderly chap whose highlight of the week would be to sit at the back of the band room and listen to us practice. He was a great supporter of the band in his day. I also think the band are more disciplined and pay attention when there are folk in the band room.

    Anyway, nice to know that there are plenty of others who welcome visitors and non-playing members to practice.


  8. bbg

    bbg Member

    Non - players..........percussionists? conductors?

    (runs for cover)
  9. floral_dance

    floral_dance Member

    you must be feeling brave !!!!
  10. Liamhorn

    Liamhorn Member

    We just practice as a band, but we would welcome people to sit in and listen on practices providing they weren't causing a disturbance.
  11. DMBabe

    DMBabe Supporting Member

    We'd quite happily have guests at our rehearsals but we have what must been one of the world's smallest bandhalls (twice the size it used to be but still miniscule). Not really anywhere for them to sit, unless a trombone, bass or back row cornet go missing then they can sit in the band for that "authentic" experience!:eek:

    When we rehearse in bigger halls we let anyone that behaves in.:D
  12. gcbtrom

    gcbtrom Member

    When our band went over for the Whit Friday weekend, we were very lucky to be able to sit in on a Black Dyke rehearsal/recording evening. I can assure you - EVERYONE was dead silent... as soon as a piece finished the room suddenly filled with coughs, sneezes, farts - you name it!
  13. Leyfy

    Leyfy Active Member

    When I first started playing (admittedly in a wind band rather than a brass band, as I was still playing Clarinet then) I couldn't have got to rehearsals without one of my parents driving me. They regularly used to sit there and watch, and if they couldn't have I probably wouldn't have been able to attend.

    As for UNinvited guests in the bandroom, when I was playing with Tilbury a few years ago someone walked in our bandroom at the end of rehearsal (which we thought nothing of as lots of people used to arrive to pick people up etc). Anyway, he took 6 steps into the bandroom, grabbed someone's bag and legged it up the road!! Of course, band all gave chase and retrieved the poor Baritone players bag. Police were called, and the attempted bag-thief carted off.
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  14. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    As long as people behave and cause no distractions, I dont see why not. My wife is a non-player, but she does the tea and the catering at the concerts as well.
  15. HelterSkelter

    HelterSkelter Member

    As a non-player myself (conductor and percussionist...:biggrin: ) then I'm happy to have fellow non-players in the bandroom! Ours are mainly parents, and their assistance is invaluable - making the teas, fundraising, stoking the fire on cold winter evenings and transporting equipment to concerts. We'd be lost without them. :tup
  16. Cornet Nev.

    Cornet Nev. Member

    We are lucky in the fact there is room for folk to sit at the back and yes it is the parents of our younger players plus one girlfriend of another. We start practice at eight, so around nine, the call goes out "is the tea brewed?" when followed by a "Yes!" a break is called for tea. However, this has also lead to an advantage for us as one original listener was persuaded to have a "go" on timps, He now plays them full time for us. Another listener was persuaded to be our band treasurer, then she also is learning the finer art of thumping things, mainly gloc. and Tam. Yes, listeners are welcome, but be aware you may get roped in for something.
  17. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    Thats how my wife got roped in for the catering and organising the tea for the rehearsal break. Then its up to me to get everybody back. Mind you, after all of this time with me holloring, now it takes just one or two calls!!! Perhaps they dont want my lungs excercising too much!!
  18. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    we have about 6 on average each week to listen to us tuesday 8 on thursdays;3 members of our youth band come and listen to us on thursdays after their practise.
    its good to see people come and listen to us.
  19. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    Our chairman, our treasurer and sometimes a couple of other committee members who are non-playing members come to our rehearsals. There is also one "fan" of our band who regularly attends the rehearsals (and every concert), and an ex-memebr who doesn't play any more shows up sometimes as well. Then by the end of the rehearsal, some parents may show up to pick up their children.

    There are disturbing visitors as well sometimes. Every now and then, somebody who had parked his car on our car park before the rehearsal, and who is now stuck, comes in and ask us to move the cars. >:-(


    With the state that bandings in at the moment we should have bouncers on the bandroom door throwing members of the public in, and providing free tea and snacks, to anyone who shows an interest!

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