Non Contesting Band looking for MD

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by Hilary Mateer, Feb 17, 2007.

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    A band that I help out are looking for a MD.

    Sheffield 13 are a good non contesting band with a lot of excellent young players and a few more mature ones.

    There is a very good atmosphere in the band with the younger player regularly performing solos and features.

    They also have a good selection of concerts including Cutlers Hall and several at Eckington Civic Centre. (Good Pie & Pea suppers here so I am easily bribed to attend ;) )
    They have a special relationship with a German Band which has led to many exchange trips in both directions.

    Their current MD has been with the band for many years and has personally trained many of the young players. He is now looking toward retirement but does not want the band to suffer because of this.

    Have you the enthusiasm and commitment to be the new MD this band is looking for?

    If so send me a PM and I will give you more information and contact details