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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by davejenkins, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. davejenkins

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    What other opportunities for playing the trombone in a group are there, other than playing in a brass band? Does anyone know any websites where I might find this kind of information? I already know the UK amateur orchestra site - I'm thinking more jazz, blues, smaller ensembles - that kind of thing.

    Any pointers are greatly appreciated.
  2. ploughboy

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    If you were to share with us your location (only vaguely would do it!) I'm sure tMP'ers would come up with a variety of options for you.

    Concert/Wind band if you read bass clef
  3. John_D

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    Maybe think about doing some jobs with a local big band. I did a few years back on trumpet (usually play cornet) and it certainly helped my stamina - some of their gigs were 3 or more hours
  4. davejenkins

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    Wow - that was quick! I'm in Bradford, if that helps.
  5. TrumpetNick

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    1. Chamber brass - from trio to 10 piece brass. Not only jazz though.
    1. Ska and funk bands.
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    There is a trombone choir based at Baliff Bridge, which meets every so often, look up Bone North (I think that's their name now) on here. Again, you will need bass clef.

  7. davejenkins

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    Thanks Amanda - I'll look them up
  8. Matt the Shed

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  9. Hello Dave. We're based in London, so it's not that helpful for your circumstances, but in case other London-based trombonists (or trumpet/cornet players for that matter) are reading this thread, North London Brass has an established sister project, the North London Big Band, which rehearses on Thursday evenings in Enfield and plays local gigs.

    We certainly need more 'bones and trumpets and we specialise in teaching players to improvise and play in jazz and latin styles. Details are on our website at

    Please drop me a line anyone who may be interested and come along to see what we get up to.

    Thanks. Martyn
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  11. trombo

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    Massed Trombone Blow In West Yorkshire

    Yorkshire-based trombone choir Bones North @ Clifton meet again in a couple of weeks timeand all trombonists are welcome to come for a blow! This will be directed by Frank Mathison-ex Bass Trombone legend from the LSO.

    Sunday 18th April 2010, 2.30pm
    Clifton and Lightcliffe Bandroom, Bailiff Bridge, near Brighouse, West Yorks, UK

    I look forward to receiving your enquiries and all are welcome to come along to our rehearsal/blow. Tenor trombonists are especially wanted. Ideally you should read both tenor and bass clef. Do drop me an email and I'll send directions and answer any other queries.

    Best wishes,

    Steve Ford (trombo)
    tromford@hotmail or phone on 01422 369847

    Read more: http://www.britishtrombonesociety.o...sed-blow-in-west-yorkshire.html#ixzz0kcJT0obW

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