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Discussion in 'tMP Website of the Month' started by Di, May 31, 2008.

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  1. Di

    Di Active Member

    Nominations now being taken for the Web Site of the Month, July 2008.

    Please remember the WoM Nomination Guidelines. :)
  2. Rodney

    Rodney Member

  3. yoshi77

    yoshi77 Member

  4. arose

    arose New Member

    Website of the Month - LATONA MUSIC

    I'd like to nominate, a brilliant website that writes and sells brass music - anything you like!!

  5. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Wow! A website that writes music? Genius!

  6. Tredegarboy

    Tredegarboy Member

  7. Mephi

    Mephi Member

    Because it got some nice comments and nominations last month could we nominate www.delph-whit-friday, a lot of work went in and it was very useful for last month's whit contesting. It would be a shame to miss out because of an error, so get seconding please, please, please!
  8. GingerMaestro

    GingerMaestro Active Member

    I would like to nominate the website

    I am in the process of designing a new site for the band so it would be nice to see the old site of which I have put a lot of work into over the last 12 - 18 months get some kind of recognition.

    We have come so close in the past and it would be nice to go that one last step

    Please second it and give me your votes Please:biggrin:
  9. Frontman

    Frontman Member

    I second that.
    It would be interesting to know just how many 'hits' this site had last month.
  10. andywooler

    andywooler Supporting Member

    In view of the fact that due to the poll not running last month, you will likely get more than 5 seconded sites, could someone answer the question I posed in a PM to John & Di (which remains unanswered some weeks later) - what criteria do you use to reduce the list down to 5? I know the mods do this but nowhere is it documented what criteria they use.

  11. Di

    Di Active Member


    Apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

    As had previously been said when there are more than five sites nominated and seconded, there are going to be some disappointments when sites do not get through to the polls. A list of the seconded nominations is made within the mods forum and we use a short poll. We each vote for as many or few sites as we wish and those with the most votes go forward to the poll. There is currently no set criteria is used for this, we each bring our own thoughts and opinions based on the sites we have in the list.
  12. catto09

    catto09 Member

  13. Trumpetboy

    Trumpetboy New Member

  14. VenusTromster

    VenusTromster Member

  15. nethers

    nethers Active Member

  16. Di

    Di Active Member

    Sorry but the July poll is already running. Please feel free however to nominate it again for September web site of the month. :)
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