Nominations please (29/06/04)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by BOC Brother, Jun 29, 2004.

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    As you all know, as part of the tMP BOC Brother experience, you are required to nominate your fellow housemates to go up for public eviction.

    All housemates must, today/tomorrow, send BB a pm naming two of their fellow housemates for eviction. A reason MUST be given for nominating each housemate. If BB doesn’t think this is a ‘valid’ reason or that you are simply ‘making it up’ you may be asked for further clarification.
    You may not nominate yourself. The nominations must be received by BB by 3 p.m. tomorrow - Wednesday 30th June.

    If any housemate fails to send in their nominations by the deadline, that housemate will automatically be put up for the public eviction vote.

    On Wednesday afternoon, the 2 housemates with the most nominations will be put up for eviction – to be voted for by all tMPers who wish to do so. The Third tMP BB eviction will take place on Friday (2nd July).

    Once again, housemates are reminded that they are not allowed to discuss the nomination process in public.

    BB looks forward to receiving your nominations.

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    Erm, BB, it's the 3rd Eviction ;)
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