Nominations: Award #17 - Band of the Year - tMP Best Band Award

Discussion in 'tMP Site News & Suggestions' started by Di, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. Di

    Di Active Member

    Award #17 - Band of the Year - tMP Best Band Award
    Please nominate which band - in your opinion - has been the 'Band of the Year' during the last 12 months.

    Please note: The tMP Band is not eligible for this award!

    Please ensure you make absolutely clear which band you nominate and why. Please state the reasons why you are nominating this band. You can, of course, nominate your own band, or another band, but proper reasons must be given as to why your chosen band should be considered. We need to be clear about your choice.

    To make your nomination, please simply reply to this thread or to nominate anonymously simply PM any of the tMP team who will then add your nomination to the list.

    Please read the tMP Awards Guidelines before making your nominations.

    Thank you and happy nominating. :)
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  2. agentorange

    agentorange Member

    Has to be Stocksbridge in my opinion.

    Yorkshire area winners (1st section)
    Senior trophy winners
    Pontins 1st section - 2nd place

    When you consider how difficult 2006 was for them , these results are even more impressive. Congratulations to Dave Nesbitt and all band members on a very successful year.
  3. flugtastic

    flugtastic Member

    The band of the year for me would have to be Denton Brass (4th Section) This time last year the band had 4 key players walk out 2 weeks before the Pontins contest. Being in the band at this time I know that the band moral was at an all time low and tention in the band room was rising rapidly. the band had a very dissapointing result at pontins coming 2nd to last. With more disagreements in the band over the next month, the band then lost their conductor, chairman (also a player) and 3 other players. The commity was falling apart and so was the bands enthusiasm. With the areas fast approching the main concern of the band was to find a suitable conductor. After weeks of looking and auditions the band found a conductor but then found out that they had missed registering for the areas by just 2 days. The band then managed to rebuild a suitable commity and also a concert programme ready for their anual Peter Gee Memorial concert.The band managed to raise £1300 for Christies! The band was staring to rebuild itself at a rapid speed and took part in the Whit Friday Band contest and Kirkby Lonsdale. After very disapointing results at Kirkby the band desparatly needed a good result to prove that they were improving and also to boost moral. Many park and march jobs over the summer proved difficult for the band due to holiday and work commitments but the band got through and started rehersing A Cambrian Suite ready for Fleetwood and Pontins. At Fleetwood the band had the Number 1 spot and played to their Best ability. With only 5 bands in their section the band were all expecting 3rd or 4th place but as these were announced the bands negativity showed as they thought that they had come 5th. But that changed when they came 2ND! This was a great result in time for Pontins. If you had asked the band Where they had wanted to come at pontins 6 months ago they would have said NOT LAST! and the band came 6th!

    Now for a band to go from being close to folding due to not having enough players and younger players crying coming off the contest stage to having a full band who are looking forward to results at contest within only 1 year deserves to be nominated for band of the year.
  4. brassintheed

    brassintheed Member

    Really nice of you to nominate Stocksbridge. Must admit it's quite amazing the change from last year to this. The band was in a bit of a state in 2006 following a combination of lack of sponsorship, several conductors coming and going within a short period of time, the loss of many key players and also losing our long term rehearsal, concert and band club venue!

    Luckily the band has a strong nucleus of very hard working and friendly players and we were fortunate enough to attract, in my opinion, one of the most talented, committed and hard working musicians in the country in the form of our MD David Nesbitt. It's been really tough, but managed to come through it. mainly through the kind support of players like yourself helping us out when we really need it.


    PS we still need a sponsorship!!! ;-)
  5. stephenmrry

    stephenmrry Member

    Will have to go for Cory Band. Won there area played very well at europeans and prob deserved better. Won the open and gave a great showing at the nationals. Really a very consistent year from the band!!
  6. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    I'd like to nominate Grimethorpe for winning the double (English and British Nationals)
  7. toby-horn

    toby-horn New Member

    Well I would like to nominate a popular not that well know junior band, called 'Pilling Jubile Silver Junior Band'.
  8. Masterblaster jnr

    Masterblaster jnr Active Member

    I'd like to nominate the Skelmanthorpe B Band, 2nd year competing at the area and qualify, then come 3rd at the nationals
  9. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Have you read the opening post for this award? It clearly states: "proper reasons must be given as to why your chosen band should be considered"

    All yours........................
  10. sugarandspice

    sugarandspice Active Member

    I would like to nominate The Emley- or Emley Brass Band if you don't feel the need to put a 'the' in front of it!

    Because- it's all good at the the moment :) Some good results this year, great atmosphere and generally making good progression as a full band.
  11. marchris6047

    marchris6047 Member

    My Nomination would have to be Uppermill Band.... Over the last 3 years the band have consistently been moving up from the bottom of the ladder in the 4th section, To now being in amongst the top 4th section bands in the country, !

    A great achievement and one i am very proud of everyone for attaining
  12. Iain Fleming

    Iain Fleming Member

    I would like to nominate Whitburn Band because even with severe financial challenges the band works very hard and turns in high quality performances - in cencerts and contest.
    We also have a good chance to be in the top ten by the end of the year.

    Come on the burnie!!!
  13. Brighouse

    I thought I should mention brighouse in this list,

    Yorkshire Area Champions
    Whit Friday Champions 2006 & 2007
    Brass in Concert Champions 2006 & 2007

    Anyone agree?
  14. Masterblaster jnr

    Masterblaster jnr Active Member

    Is it not band of THIS year.

    but no, i agree
  15. Yes it is the Band of this year, but I was showing our consistancy! LOL!
  16. Masterblaster jnr

    Masterblaster jnr Active Member

  17. flugtastic

    flugtastic Member

  18. Masterblaster jnr

    Masterblaster jnr Active Member

    How do you mean "Hmmmm.......":rolleyes: :dunno
  19. flugtastic

    flugtastic Member

    well is the award for band of the year or over the last 3 years? In your original post at says "during the last 12 months." just a random thought after Masterblaster jnr bought it up :D
  20. Masterblaster jnr

    Masterblaster jnr Active Member

    I suppose in defence to those TMPers who said about the last three years, it could be the climax of their progress.

    In fact, i think i used it in my nomination, stupid me:hammer
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