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  1. Iain Fleming

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    Hi all you over forties guys playing for Scottish bands or you Anglo Scot super stars.

    I am trying to put together a scratch band for a charity concert at the end of the year.

    No money involved just your good will and a good laugh (hopefully), all in a good cause.

    The suggested name (by Alan Edmond) is 'The National Old Boys Band of Scotland' or yup you got it NOBBS. It's only fair since we already have the NYBBS.

    We all know someone who would qualify, don't we!

    So don't be shy it's all in a good cause.

    If you are interested (so far we have 10) get in touch.

    The concert is likely to be either in Midlothian or the Borders.

    Iain Fleming.
  2. Iain Fleming

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    The afore mentioned NOBBS concert is booked and taking place at St. Andrews the Leckie Church in Peebles on 7th November 2009 (7.30). It is a star studded band made up all guys over 40, conducted by Russell Gray. We are also hoping Phillip McCann will make an appearance. All proceeds will go to the Prostrate Cancer Charity and we are looking for a good turn out for what is going to be a high class brass band concert.

    Iain Fleming
  3. flugelgal

    flugelgal Active Member

    Good luck to all. This is a great idea! :clap:

    In a couple of years I could maybe come along too :eek:. Sobering thought!
  4. MrsDoyle

    MrsDoyle Supporting Member

    I'm not 40 and nor am I from Scotland, but this'd be my cup of tea! :)
  5. Kjata

    Kjata Member

    Amen brother lol!
  6. Iain Fleming

    Iain Fleming Member

    Thanks guys for your support, I can't believe the take up of players. We have nearly 40 guys and the poor little town of Peebles (where I live I might add) is in for a great night of brass playing.

    Mr McCann is very keen to do this and he is trying to keep his diary clear.

    Who knows if this is a success it would be great to see if copied elsewhere. Now there's a thought!!

    ( I'm whispering) Don't tell anyone but it's a surprise concert for my dad's 80th which is on the 11th November. Prostate Cancer seemed good place to send the ticket money as all the players are giving their time FOC.

    Thanks once again for your support and if you need a ticket you better move quickly.

  7. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Iain, I wish you all the best for the concert and fund raising!
  8. Iain Fleming

    Iain Fleming Member

    The Prostrate Cancer Charity Scotland
    Registered Charity (SCO39332)

    Charity Concert in aid of Prostate Cancer given by the National Old Boys Brass Band of Scotland
    (Ticket prices: £8.00 and £5.00 concessions)
    Tickets available from the church office (01721 723121) or at the door on the night.

    Date: 7th November 2009

    Time: 7.30pm

    Venue: St. Andrews Leckie Memorial Parish Church, Eastgate, Peebles, EH45 8AD.

    Conductor: Russell Gray.

    The National Old Boys Brass Band of Scotland is made up of volunteers aged 40 and over, including some of the leading names from the Scottish brass band scene.

    The programme of music for this charity concert will be made up of film, religious, popular, big band and even the odd brass band favourite. In the solo spotlight will be the reigning Scottish Solo Champion, Charles Cullen, Iain Davey (former solo euphonium with the world-famous Fairey Band), Phillip McCann (former principal cornet of the legendary Black Dyke Mills Band) and the present principal cornet of the Whitburn Band – Chris Bradley.

    It will be a special evening and the band is looking for a capacity audience who will experience this unique charity event.
  9. Independent Silver Band

    Independent Silver Band Active Member

    Wish I could be there.
  10. steve butler

    steve butler Active Member

    I'd love to join you, but I'm sure there are enough 'Nobs' up in Scotland :D
    All the best.
  11. Iain Fleming

    Iain Fleming Member

    Preparations for the NOBBS concert are at an advanced stage. First rehearsal of the NOBBS took place yesterday under the experienced baton of Allan Ramsay and was very encouraging considering going through the whole programme in just over 2 hours. Tickets are selling fast but there are some still available. Contact the Leckie Memorial, Peebles church office on 01721 723121 to reserve your tickets. Concert takes place in The Leckie Memorial Church, Peebles this Saturday (7th) 7.30pm.

    Iain Fleming
    (Proud to be a NOBB)
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  12. Tubah

    Tubah Member

    Having read the reviews it looks like I missed a corker of a night. Congrats to all involved. Anyone got a "teamlist" of who played?

  13. Iain Fleming

    Iain Fleming Member

    It was a great night and we made £1300 for the Prostate Cancer Charity in Scotland. Both soloists and band were superb if I say so my self, under the masterful guidance of Phillip McCann. Les Neish popped in and played with the band after adjudicating in the area. Even though this was a one off, the players enjoyed it so much that there may be a sequel 'The NOBBBS ride again'? - next year. Watch this space!!!!!

    The Band line-up as requested:
    Conductor/Soloist: Phillip McCann
    Soprano: Steven Stewart (Kirkintilloch Band)
    Cornets: Paul Dornan (Clackmannan & District Band)
    Kenny Crookston (Editor British Bandsman)
    Angus Edmond (Newtongrange Silver Band)
    Chic Cullen (Whitburn Band)
    John Dickson (St. Davids Brass)
    John Needham (Kirkintilloch Band)
    Harold Wells (Newtongrange Silver Band)
    Jack Walker (Kirkintilloch Band)
    David Stevenson (Peebles Burgh Silver Band)
    Flugel: Chris Bradley (Whitburn Band)
    Horns: Alan Edmond (Whitburn Band)
    Steven Craig (Tullis Russell Mills Band)
    Alex Vidler (Whitburn Band)
    Iain Fleming (Whitburn Band)
    Baritones: Jimmy Murray (Newtongrange Silver Band)
    Jim Ferguson (Kingdom Brass)
    Jim Corrigan (Kirkintilloch Band)
    Euphoniums: Iain Davey (Newtongrange Silver Band)
    Brian Patterson (Kingdom Brass)
    Jimmy Graham (Whitburn Band)
    Trombones: Alex Philip (Whitburn Band)
    Andy Shaw (Broxburn & Livingston Band)
    Bass Trombones: Gordon McDougall (Whitburn Band)
    EEb Basses: Paul McGrath (Coop Funeral Care)
    Anthony Craven (Bon Accord Silver Band)
    BBb Basses: Dave Thompson (Newtongrange Silver Band)
    Gary Kelly (Kinneil Band)
    Percussion: Gary Couples (Peebles Burgh Silver Band)
    Graham Halliday (Newtongrange Silver Band)
    Chris Yule (Whitburn Band)

    First Half
    Valero – Latin style opener Swearingen arr. Sandy Smith
    Light Cavalry - Overture Suppé
    My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose – Trad. arr. Gordon Langford
    (Soloist – Charles ‘Chick’ Cullen)
    The Day Thou Gavest – arr. Philip Wilby
    West Savile March – Paul Drury (World Premier)
    Concierto de Aranjuez - Rodrigo arr. Kevin Bolton
    (Soloist - Chris Bradley)
    Royal Border Bridge (from Three impressions for Brass) – Arthur Butterworth

    Second Half
    Dam Busters March – Eric Coates
    All that I am - William Himes
    (Soloist - Phillip McCann)
    Post Horn Galop
    (Soloist - Phillip McCann)
    Hymn to the Fallen – John Williams arr. Philip Sparke
    Carnival of Venice – Paganini arr. Alan Catheral
    (Soloist - Iain Davey)
    March from the Pines of Rome – Respighi arr. Howard Snell
    with Skirl and William Tell as the encore items

    Hope to see you at the next concert!!

    Iain Fleming
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  14. Tubah

    Tubah Member

    Thanks Iain,

    Will do my best to get there.

    Lang may yer lum reek!!

  15. Iain Fleming

    Iain Fleming Member


    Due to public demand (okay it was the guys wanting another fun night!) The National Old Boys Brass Band of Scotland will rise once more in all their glory for another concert. As last year all proceeds will go to Prostate Cancer Charity Scotland.

    The concert is scheduled for 23rd October at 7.30pm and will take place in Bo'ness Town Hall.

    More details will follow in due course.

    Iain Fleming
    (Chief NOBBB)

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