No thanks from YBS???????

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by ploughboy, May 19, 2004.

  1. ploughboy

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    I'm dissapointed in the way Micheal Howley has left YBS

    When Morgan Griffiths left YBS to join fairey's Mike was offered (and accepted) top seat since then the band have won 3 Europeans, 1 open and 1 yorkshire area (with Mike on top seat).

    The band have been searching for a Solo Euph to replace him (their choice) When Morgan came back int othe frame Mike was offered 2nd Euph or the goodbye handshake. That's not nice but fair enough in top class banding today......

    which leads me to..........

    The publicity for this switch, all the mentions Mike has had from the brass band press have been one liners..."and Mike Holwey has resigned form the band" 4barsrest went a whole extra line further!! No-one at YBS has come and out and thanked Mike for his tine with the band, the effort he put in, it's all how pleased we are to have Morgan again!!!

    I know Mike is happy to let things go, but I'm not, he's been a very good mate for a very long time and I know how much he loved been at YBS, so a little gratituded from them wouldn't seem like too much to ask would it....

    Mike is now sat in a pub somewhere considering his options, anyone who might want him give him a shout.
  2. Well Worth It

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    Fair point, Garry.
    Has anybody contacted him yet?
  3. ploughboy

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    couple of short terms offers, he's doing his final performance next week so no rush from that point of view.

    I'd said I'd have him on top Euph if he thought he could cope!!
  4. Dave Euph

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    I've heard all the rumours (mostly from you as well!) and I am well prepared to believe this may have been the case.

    I'm sure YBS will lament when Mike is compared to the likes of Steven Mead as all time greatest euphonium players and he is making a mint as a soloist.

    Although personally I reckon they should have held onto him because at his age he can only keep getting better!

    But unfortunately this is band politics, and at the end of the day we have to accept it.
  5. ted

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    A champion will always come back better and stronger.

    Both David King and Morgan Griffiths recovered from similar setbacks early in their careers to get to where they are today.

    I'm sure that he'll bounce back. Not many euphonium players out there can boast about winning at the Euros.

  6. nickjones

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    Its not right the way the some bands hire and fire , even when the seat isn't empty.
    You can always look at YBS point of view with always trying to improve , whether this is right or wrong trying to scare players into thinking " Oh I had better play better or I will get the sack ". ( I suppose a gauge of how many players have gone through the YBS ranks can be a marker ).
    No point moaning or bad mouthing people or organisations on a pubic forum , I think most people know what has happened in thisincident ,if you feel strongly have a chat or write a letter to the YBS Band Management and conductor , as they have made the decision, or Boycott concert performances.
  7. I agree that perhaps YBS haven't shown the fullest possible appreciatiion to Mike.

    Since becoming an avid YBS fan I've been really taken aback by Michael's unassuming, but very musical playing. I do think that although Morgan is the master, Mike got a hard deal. He always seems to perform with dignity and a very genuine musicianship.

    I think ted has it in a nutshell when he reffered to David King and Morgan Griffiths own set backs early on. It's bound to happen to you when you're young and don't have as much respect built up as you possibly deserve.

    I can't wait to hear what the new Griffiths/King partnership will bring, but good luck to the man, surely a huge future awaits a unique and extremely talented euphoniumist with such grace and modesty about him.
  8. johnflugel

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    Mick has made a great contribution to YBS recent successes and if what Garry says is correct, it is a shame that things are dealt with in such a way.

    However, I am a firm believer in taking the rough with the smooth. To a degree, anyone who applies or takes a seat at YBS knows they are going to one of the very best bands and the standards are sky-high. Most people are aware of the immense expectations of their MD and how he goes about getting the best from his players. I am sure that virtually all who have come and gone from YBS will say that the positives of playing for the arguably the best band ever, far exceed the negatives. Maybe someone will suggest otherwise.

    Mick is a really fine player (he was a star in the pressure cooker of the Euros this time) and will no doubt be snapped up by a top notch outfit soon. I guess he will come away a stronger and wiser player and person for his time with YBS. All the best to Morgan in his 'new' chair also.
  9. ploughboy

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    I'd like to clear up a couple of things, I wish Morgan and the band all the best I really do, their a top class outfit, I don't think many people can make a case for Mike to be picked above Morgan (I and Mike know who at thios time is the better Euph player)..

    My point is the lack of public thanks for a player who at the very least deserves a "YBS would like to ................ etc etc"
  10. 2nd man down

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    Here here... It's the nature of the beast that the very top bands want the very best players to maintain the standard, but like said a simple "thank you for all Mike's hard work and dedication" would have gone a long long way.
    And such a genuinely nice bloke too...he played with us at our last Christmas Concert of the year last year and I went out busking with him on Christmas eve...All that talent and humble enough to turn up to a gig in an Emley jacket.
    A top bloke who rightly deserves to be top Euph of a top band.
  11. PeterBale

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    Compared with a number of other bands YBS do not seem to go in for much in the way of Press Releases, and I'm always quite surprised how infrequently their website appears to be updated.

    Maybe this makes them seem less appreciative than they actually are, but I agree it is not the best of PR.
  12. imthemaddude

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    I wouldnt mind his number to tell him how great he is :D
  13. Aidan

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    i have kept out of this as much as possible but you cant go slating the band on this!!!
    for a start it is not up to the general players in the band who comes or goes. Mike is a top guy, great player and a good mate. So i, definately not the only one, was sad to see him go. (Not taking anyting away from Morgan who's a nice bloke and a top quality player!) I believe that mike was thanked personally for his time and I for one wish him all the best, definately has an amazing future ahead of him!! I know the band don't appear to be big on Press Releases etc.. but if the player has been thanked why drag all this into the public domain like this. Totally unnecessary and embarassing for both parties I think.
    Not a very considerate thread methinks... (and don't accuse me of being biased because i feel exactly the same about the slating of cory's website on here too.)
  14. Seedhouse

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    Where's that? Haven't come across it that's all.
  15. Aidan

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  16. BassoProfundo

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    For such a great band, they really do need to sort out their PR. :(

    All the best to all parties, my heart bleeds for Mike.

    JOCKBLAST! Member

    How Sad!
  18. Lauradoll

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    Why do they? People come and people go from EVERY band, not just "big name" bands! I do realise that some bands are more high profile than others but at the end of the day it shouldn't matter to anyone what goes on in the band apart from those directly affected by it. This sort of thing goes in in bands in all sections, all over the country, probably all over the world even. If YBS want to do something their way, let them. If COry want to do things their way, let them. I actually feel sorry for Howley as just cos it was YBS people are having a mad gossip session. Just what you need really! If it were "Anyunknown Silver Band" would it be as important?
  19. Giohorn

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    I would like to welcome Mike at Ransomes for the Masters, he is a great player and is an assett to our outfit even on 2nd Euph!! (What a big sound!)

    Life in one band does'nt last forever, but as a younger player, one can only improve like a good bottle of wine!

    So heres' a toast to Mikes' time with Ransomes and may he enjoy and prosper :lol:

    Cheers Mike!

    Solo Horn Ransomes
  20. ScrapingtheBottom

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    Because everyone knows YBS. A lot of bands look to the likes of YBS and Cory for inspiration and guidance in the world of banding. I think it is appropriate that these things be discussed (this is a forum for people to exchange views and opinions on these sorts of things) - however, don't get me wrong, I don't believe either of the two bands I have mentioned have done anything wrong.