No place in football for McFranchise

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by 2nd man down, Apr 30, 2005.

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    Today, apart from supporting my beloved Huddersfield Town I will be rooting for Torquay and Oldham in their respective games. If they both win the MK Dons get relegated and sent a little bit nearer to the bankrupt oblivion they deserve.

    Come on Torquay and Oldham, do us all a favour and relegate this lot!

    What they did to Wimbledon FC was a travesty, sold down the swanny so some chump could build a supermarket in Mylton Keynes.
    Happy shopping McFranchise, at least when you've gone bust and been forgotten about you'll still be able to get your humble pie at the ASDA you've got.
  2. Cornishwomble

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    Even though as a team AFC Wimbledon are on a roll, it still hurts to see that lot still about where we should be.

    Pete Winkleman is the villain in all this and before he bought Wimbledon and killed them off to become McMongs he tried and failed to do the same with Barnet and QPR.

    I really really hope they go down and I hope they survive long enough for us to go up and meet them and show them that football doens't have to be about money and trophys but is also about community and spirit, something that that Frankenscum will never have
  3. Vic23

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    Town! ha!

    Town r ok but Manchester Utd rule!