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    Despite what you may have read in the 4br article linked above :confused:, I wish to clarify there have been no changes to the Euphonium section at EYMS Band.

    Sarah Evans' signing from Bournemouth Concert Brass enables the band to fill the vacant 2nd Baritone seat left by Steve Ornsby.

    This means the section is now made up of:

    Solo Euph - Neil Johnson
    2nd Euph - Andy Kennedy
    1st Bari - John 'fingers' Matthews
    2nd Bari - Sarah Evans

    The original post by EYMSBrassBand is linked below.

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    Very pleased to be retaining your services Chief.
  3. Pierre

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    Somewhat lacking in the editing department on several counts methinks!!!

    Or as a well known Musical Director was heard to say

    "As accurate as the printing of that new test piece!":clap::clap::clap:
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    Well, I dont know about everyone else but i will certainly sleep a little easier now.. That's a load off my mind!!! ;)
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    Very Dry Towser, very dry :D
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    I learned from the Master Mr B!;)