Nigel Horne's 1996 Cyberband

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  1. Pauli Walnuts

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    I was fortunate to have been a part of what is believed to be the first ever live broadcast by a brass band on the Internet which took place in 1996 from The Cyber Cafe, Victoria, London. I recently came across a recoding from that broadcast which may be of interest to anyone here who was also on that gig. Apologies for poor quality and the occasional microsecond jumps - this came from an old cassette taken from the web on the day of the broadcast.
    This is Nigel's arrangement of "VĂ¥ren" or "The Last Spring" as many will know it by.

    If you were on this too, post a reply!
  2. tubadaz

    tubadaz Member

    Many thanks for posting that. I was there, playing Eb Bass, along with my brother (who was on the cornet).

    I also played in the following Cyberband in 1997, in a college somewhere in the wilds of South West London, if I remember correctly?

  3. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member

    Most likely Royal Holloway College, Egham; I played sop for that one.
  4. MoominDave

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    Blast from't past... I was there - I think on some form of trombone? But maybe something with valves.

    My Dad (Martin Taylor) was there on tuba - his fault I was there, as I wasn't regularly posting on the list at that point.

    I do like the fact that the recording quality makes it sound like something from the depths of time... I've heard 78s sound more recent!
  5. tubadaz

    tubadaz Member

    That's the one, I seem to remember stopping in a local B&B, as the first train from Birmingham (where I was living at the time) didn't get into London until early afternoon.

    I seem to remember chatting to your dad at some point during the rehearsal, I was probably at that end of the Eb basses. :)
  6. Pauli Walnuts

    Pauli Walnuts Moderator Staff Member

    It does add a certain something doesn't it! I'm sure you were there!
  7. MartinT

    MartinT Member

    You're right, I was! On BBb bass, I think. I recollect it being a real "breathe by numbers" environment. Great fun, and we felt we were doing something really original. I've lost the recordings I had of it.

    I was there at Egham as well - there wasn't a recording AFAIR, the relevant gear was broken.

    Happy days...
  8. New Member

    Yes, it was at Royal Holloway College, London.

    We also had a Cyberband take part in the Whit Friday marches in 2000. Dave Sheedy did all the legwork.

  9. MartinT

    MartinT Member

    Nigel, do you still have copies of the recordings from 1996?