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  1. Dave Payn

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    Most of us use a 'nickname' or alter ego as our main name (I'm afraid 'Dave Payn' is pretty much my real name, give or take 'David' and Richard'!)

    Though there was a discussion on here about using such monikers, it all seems in good humour. Contrast this to the following thread on site where I am an occasional contributor

    Most of us were asked to leave an optional 'nickname' when we signed up to Gramophone. This was generally only viewable by us individually. However, after some recent changes to the site, our 'nicknames' replaced our surnames as our 'identities'. Though we were given instructions as to how to change this, not all of us have done it, prompting the rant I've linked.

    Just to be spiteful, I've changed my nickname from what was previously 'scrote' to Carl Maria von Wiggins' :evil:
  2. PeterBale

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    Something similar happened recently when changed its service provider, and a number of user names were transposed with the real surnames - didn't get as heated as that though :wink:
  3. lynchie

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    good response there dave...

    I've always used my nickname... although it's about the least imaginative one possible...