Nick Hudson at Hadleigh, 29/10/05

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    Nick Hudson at Hadleigh, 29/10/2005

    Saturday 29th October 2005




    Nick Hudson (Trombone)

    Steve Hopkins (Piano - Hendon)

    Roger Cobb (Vocal - Hendon)

    Hadleigh Temple Band

    Admission by ticket only: Adults £5; Concessions £4

    Contact Peter Edwards, Tel: 017 025 826 71
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    Final rehearsal tonight before we meet with Nick Hudson at 5pm on the day.

    Solos he is playing include "The Eternal Quest" (Ray Steadman-Allen), "A Never Failing Friend" (Leidzen) and "Word of Grace" (Norman Bearcroft). He is also joining with our trombones in "Wonders begin when the Lord comes in".

    There will be tickets available on the door if anyone decides to come along at the last minute.
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    Full programme, received last night, is as follows:

    Hadleigh Band: March - "Celebration" (Condon)
    Nick Hudson: "The Eternal Quest" (Steadman-Allen)
    Roger Cobb: "Forgiven" & "And is it so"
    Band: "Love changes everything" (Lloyd Webber)
    Bram Chestney: "My Unchanging Friend" (Bosanko)
    Stephen Hopkins: Piano
    Nick Hudson: "Consecration" (Morrison)

    Band: "True Courage" (Bearcroft)
    Nick Hudson: "A never failing friend" (Leidzen)
    Roger Cobb: "From a distance" & "Close to me"
    Band: Cornet trio "What a friend"
    Stephen Hopkins: Piano
    Nick Hudson & Roger Cobb: "Christ is all" (Himes)
    Band: "There is a green hill" (Bruce, arr Newsome)
    Trombone ensemble: "Wonders begin when the Lord comes in"
    Band: "Jubilee" (Drury)
    Band: "Gaelic Blessing" (Rutter arr Steadman-Allen)

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