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    Dear all,

    I'm quite new to all these brass forums but i thought i'd put something on here to try and advertise myself and the Yorkshire Traction and Honley Band in Huddersfield. Back in April of this year i became one of the youngest brass band conductors at the age of 19. Since, the band has grown from 8/9 players at rehearsals to close to a full band. We are stil recruiting more players (take a look at recruitment corner). The band has also been in the paper a couple of times since April from various newspapers. British Bandsman did a short article, along with the soon anticipated NABBC quarterly magazine, The Conductor. As well as that we have had a couple of articles from the Huddersfield examiner. The links are below:
    As well as the conducting, I am a brass player of many sorts, other than playing a cornet. I like the variety, but mainly i play the trombone, which is currently what i am playing in bands in the York area, prominantly the 1st section standard Shepherd Group Band.

    Thanks for looking. I'm available for any gigs in the Yorkshire area. Give me a ring on 07868 189 206 or email me at
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