NewYearNewWork Concert - A World Premiere by Derwent Brass

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    Derwent Brass will be premiering a new work, written for them in celebration of their 20th anniversary by the upcoming composer Paul McGhee, in addition to other concert items.

    “The quiet man of the new wave, who may just become the biggest noise of all.” (; interview with Paul McGhee)

    The evening will include a pre-concert composers forum, followed by a full length concert featuring a slot dedicated to this new work, which was supported with funds from the PRS for Music Foundation.

    Tickets only £6

    Available from:

    Neville Bros Musical Instruments, Babbington Lane, Derby.

    Tel: 01332 290762

    Or click here to buy online: link

    Landau Forte Theatre, Fox Street, Derby, DE1 2LF

    Meet the Composer - 19:00 / Concert Commences - 19:30

    Ample car parking and bar available.

    For more information on the commission and the importance of this in the band's 20th year anniversary celebrations, click here

    Any questions, please email
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    Depending on the rehearsal schedule for the NW Area (which is the following day) I'd love to get along to this. Not only does he look like a wizard, but more importantly Mr McGhee writes like one, with a truly distinctive and exciting style.

    I had to click the link the find the date though! Good job I'm not a lazy git...

    25th Feb, for the record.
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