Newstead start 2008 with plans to expand their successful organisation

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    Nottinghamshire based Newstead Welfare Band Organisation has great pleasure in announcing the following:

    The Newstead Youth Band will in future be known as Newstead Abbey Brass; this is to reflect the addition of several adults to the band. Since its formation in, the band has had much success; already having made two trips to the National Finals in Harrogate and from this January having been promoted to the 3rd section. In order to help with the teaching and development of the band and to stabilise the membership; particularly where a number of the younger players are likely to move away to university each year, it was felt that a number of adults around the stands would bring the stability required. The emphasis here however will remain firmly towards developing the youth element of the band.

    The name Newstead 'Abbey' Brass was chosen by ballot across the organisation and reflects the bands close proximity to the Abbey itself.

    In addition to this, the 3rd Band in the organisation, Newstead Training Band is being re launched this month. We already have a number of learners and beginners within the group but we are always looking to welcome more. Instruments and tuition are available for those wishing to join.

    Newstead Brass, Newstead Abbey Brass and Newstead Training Band will reside firmly under the umbrella of the Newstead Welfare Band Organisation. The principal Musical Director for the whole organisation is Duncan Beckley. Duncan is assisted across the organisation by Lynden Cooper, Paul Whyley (MD of Newstead Abbey Brass) and Phil White.

    A warm welcome awaits players across the organisation, for more details please give me a call on 07970 490773.
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    Newstead Abbey

    Sounds like great news - good luck Melanie
    ..happy to help as usual - John R