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  1. Hornted

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    Newstead Brass invite all to an open rehearsal on 'Torchbearer' in preparation for the National Finals. The Open rehearsal will be held at St Marys Church, Church Road, Greasley, Nottinghamshire NG16 2AB at 8pm on Wednesday 14th October, 8pm- Everyone welcome, admission free.


    Melanie Cooper
  2. Hornted

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    Newstead Brass Open Rehearsal - change of venue

    Please note venue for Open rehearsal now changed to Hucknall Parish Church 8 pm Wednesday 14th October - all welcome
  3. blakeyboy

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    Great opportunity for anyone local (or not) going to the nationals (or not) to hear the piece prior to the Finals at the weekend.

    It will also help Newstead in our preparation for the weekend.

    Hope to see you there

  4. daft lad

    daft lad New Member

    Ah right ok, so that's this Wednesday then?
  5. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    wish we could come but we have band, good luck anyway x
  6. Hornted

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    Thank you to all those who turned up for our 'open rehearsal' last night and all the good wishes received for the weekend.
  7. Baldeagle

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    Go fly the flag for Notts Mel

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