Newstead Brass - Annual Christmas Concert - 21.12.2007 - Hucknall, Notts

Discussion in 'The Auditorium - Concert Details' started by blakeyboy, Dec 18, 2007.


    Venue - St. Mary Magdalene’s church, Hucknall on Friday 21st December at 7.30 pm - featuring Newstead Brass, Newstead Youth Band and the Newstead Beginners group.

    Tickets are available now and cost £5 each, with a special £10 ticket for families (up to two adults and 3 dependant children).

    Tickets can be reserved by emailing and will also be available on the door.

    The proceeds from this concert are shared between the parish church heating fund and the band.

    We'd love to see you all there to help us support the church and spread the Christmas cheer.

    Merry Christmas
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