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    [imgleft][/imgleft]Press release from North Music Holland

    Having read and heard the comments about THREE PART INVENTION, on 4barsrest & The Mouthpiece, we feel, we need to write.

    First we have informed all the retailers of THREE PART INVENTION that North Music Holland will supply them with replacement of the sets and scores, free of charge. In the meantime the bands should continue using the material that they have. Bands requiring replacement parts should contact the retailer who supplied them with their original set and score.

    THREE PART INVENTION was used as a new testpiece for the 3rd section for the Dutch National Championships in 2005, with Kenneth Downie present.

    Fourteen bands were in competition that day in the 3rd section, in which they performed the piece with ALL the percussion parts and there were no problems or comments made either from the competing bands, their conductors or the adjudicators.

    Two of the adjudicators were David Read and David Horsfield, no comments were made.

    Also it was subsequently recorded by Whitburn Band conducted by Duncan Beckley for the Regionals 2008 CD, and there were no problems or comments made. Otherwise North Music Holland would of course have taken action to remedy the situation.

    Meanwhile the National Contesting Council used the same score and parts when they were choosing the testpiece. No comments were made - so North Music Holland presume that they were happy with what they saw.

    We wish all the bands success with their performance and apologize this had happened.

    North Music Holland

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