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    Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Brass Band would like to announce the arrival of a number of new players, and changes to its playing team.

    The band is in the process of making some changes with in the band room and would like to welcome Jane Rutter on 2nd Euph , John Lefley on 3rd cornet and Kate Newman on 2nd Horn to cover for our regular 2nd Horn who is taking a break. All these players have played with various bands around the country and the band would like to give them a warm welcome and hope they enjoy their time with ICCB.

    The band would also like to welcome Will Robinson who is signing with the band and will be playing on Flugel at the Kiverton contest in July, but due to his job can’t commit full time so will be helping out as and when he can.

    There are also 2 new arrivals from the training band, they are Liz Bird who plays Euph and also Barry Bird who plays Bb Bass. Both players have been performing with the main band for the last 2 months and we would like to officially welcome them to the main band.

    There has also been a change on the cornet line with John Noon moving on to Eb Bass which now gives us a full bass line, the first time in 5 years. And George Newbould and Josh Newman have moved up from 3rd cornet on to 2nd cornet.

    With the new arrivals there have been some players leave, they are Tracey Hamilton Martin who has given great service with the band and is still going to be around, but due to increased work commitments has stepped down.

    Also Mykee Hockham (Flugel) and Beverley Jane Shaw (Euph) have left the band. We would like to thank both players for their commitment over the last 2 years and wish them well for the future.

    Band chairman, Graham Weighill commented, "it is always dissapointing to see players leave our band, but with the arrival of all these new players we hope to continue the success of recent years". The band has a very busy year of concerts and contests, including the Battle of the Bands on 27th June, Brass N Sax Charity concert on the 2nd October, and Carols at the Crooked Spire in December. For more information on these events or about the band, please vist our website @
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    Busy changing times indeed!

    Congrats on all your new appointments, it's especially pleasing to see junior band members moving up a level to the main band.

    Special well done and thanks to Jane Rutter who joins you on 2nd Euph. Jane very kindly helped us out on Baritone at the weekend (as our usual Baritone player was getting hitched!), and Emley Band would like to thank her for her help (and driving all that way to do so!). :clap:
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    Well I will say thank you to Jane for you Crawford she is a true bands person.

    Also the new players from the training band are abit more marture than juniors but it is good to see fresh blood come in to the fold
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    2 more departures

    The band would also like to thank Trevor Milner (Sop) and Jane Milner (Rep) for their hard work and commitment over the last few years. They have now moved on to another local band as it is closer to home. The reason for moving bands is that with travel to and from band it was taking up a lot of time.

    The last job that Trevor and Jane will be doing with the band will be at the Kiverton Entertainment contest in July

    Commenting on them leaving Ian K (MD) said “It is sad to see Trevor and Jane move on and go to one of our local bands, but we wish them all the best in the future and thank them for their commitment for the last 2 years. But the band moves on and will be working hard to keep up the progress it has seen over the last couple of years.”