Newports "Transporter Bridge" and Theatre Train at night...

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    Following on from a few comments made in another thread about (1) Newport and (2) night time photography, here's another image I took at the same time as the one I posted previously - which is of Newports Transporter Bridge at night.

    Not the best of images, as I had to use quite a wide angle lens 11-22mm to capture the entire breadth/span of the bridge, so as such there's a little distortion. This is also a crop from a larger image.


    And here's the train sat on the river bank outside the new Riverside Theatre...

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    Got any nice pictures of the theatre? A company I worked for supplied and installed all the external cladding to the theatre buildings. They are made from a very hardwearing vitreous enamel coated panel and the colour was specifically chosen as a light sky blue so that on a really nice day it would disappear from view.

    Although the only sky colour I ever saw was a washed out grey.
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    Hey Francis - sorry, no I don't have any of the theatre itself, but maybe I'll take Heather out on a trip to see if we can get some. They have installed a superb lighting system on the outside of the theatre - lights that change colour every 20-30 seconds so that at one time the theatre looks blue, then 30 seconds later it is red, then orange, then green, then purple... it does look good I must say.

    Thanks for the idea for another shoot - first are the leaping salmon in the Taff though... that's this weekend... :tup

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