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  1. larryalcatraz

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    Invitation Brass is a newly formed band based in Dudley,

    The band began as a Ten Piece band but has grown and is now looking to expand to a full size Brass Band,

    We currently rehearse fornightly on a Thursday from 7.45pm - 9.30pm

    The founding principles of the band is that we get together for fun, and rehearsals are relaxed and enjoyable.

    We are comprised of players who have contested across all levels of the banding pyramid and our conductor has also taken bands at every level.

    We are a friendly and sociable band and are looking for players in all sections.

    Ability and experience is not important all you need is an enjoyment of banding and one free night every fortnight

    If you are interested in coming along drop me a PM and i'll send you more details


  2. larryalcatraz

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    we are still looking for new members to join the band

    The majority of the players currently in the band have contested from the 2nd section up to championship standard.

    If you fancy coming along for a blow i would say that enthusiasm is far more important than ability. We rehearse once a fortnight on thursday night for a couple of hours. We have a good number of concerts pencilled in for the resrt of the year.

    if you fancy coming along give me a call on 07830343358 or email


  3. Neil F

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    Sounds very interesting.. What kind of music do you play?
  4. larryalcatraz

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    Hi Neil,

    we play a decent variety (although i would say that)

    We play some 10 piece music and also full band pieces as well as 1 or 2 or our MDS making. The music is chosen by the band so that everybody gets a crack at playing something that they enjoy and so the scope is from the easier 'cheesy' pieces to the more challenging

    let me know if you fancy coming along for a blow and ill send you the details