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  1. tillie

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    Hi after months of fumbling around the tMP site (I'm a bit of a computer dinosaur and need all the help I can get) I finally took the plunge and registered.
    I started playing when I was 9 in my local youth band, inMere Wilts, and played there until I went to Trinity Music college when I joined Newham, as they were then called back in the days of only 5 sectoins and all finals taking part at venues in London. I joined East London Brass in 2003 after a 12 year break from playing ( was told I'd doubled the average of the band) and am very involved the banding scene again. It helps keep my sanity as none of my kids or husband are interested inbrass bands. so it is me me me time!
    It would be great to hear from anyone from my past as I've lost contact with nearly everybody

    Elaine, cornet/flugel for elb and dep for anyone.
  2. Di

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    Hi Elaine and :hi to tMP. It's good to have you join us. I've very little doubt soon you'll have heard from someone from the past. Hope you catch up with some old pals soon and enjoy yourself whilst your here. :)
  3. BrotherBone

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    All the best and great to see a new face here Elaine! =)
  4. Teflon1961

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    Welcome aboard Tillie!!!


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