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    Hi just thought I'd say hi. I'm Andy a once Euphonium now trombonist. I've recently purchased a Yamaha 354 and it's come to my attention that it's been supplied with a Baritone mouthpiece so I'm looking to get that sorted at some stage. I currently perform with a soul cover band which has given me, well forced me to practice hard and work on my technique very quickly but I think I need some lessons. (if there are any teachers in east riding of Yorkshire please pm me!)


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    When you say it's a baritone mouthpiece, what exactly is it? There's a good crossover between the two and just because the size suits a baritone doesn't mean it's not also a good trombone mouthpiece.
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    Andy has also posted some queries on the trombone forum. From those, I can tell you that the baritone mouthpiece in question is an SM4B - not a mouthpiece I would suggest using with a trombone unless one has some very specific and unusual low register tonal playing needs on a small bore instrument. It could be a nice mouthpiece for a narrow-bore G bass, for example...