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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by TonyW, Apr 4, 2011.

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    Ashford, nr Staines, Midd/x
    Hello. Have been writing for brass, wind, Strings, perc for a not inconsiderable amount of years, or is it eons? No sorry that`s my duel fuel supplier.
    You`ll hear my `bits` played by Brighouse & Rastrick, Fairy`s, BTM, and one or two others who have accepted my work, and filed it in the library - so they told me :) :confused:
    Anyway, from the start, I`d better tell you that I`m not a brass player, even tho` after `learning` to play all scales & arps on all modern brass - 6 months on each, I only got thrown out on one occasion - I played Roses of Picardy, and had to about turn and march out PDQ before Col. Bashford split a blood vessel. May he RIP.
    So after that, upping and away, I ended up at EMI Publishing working in the arranging dept. After 10 years there, Mrs Thatcher, over coffee with EMI, then decided that none of us (we were 6) were helping accumulate the millions she wanted us to, so I`ve been self employed now for 30 years. I`ve met a few people, made a few friends and otherwise, so I would advise all young banders to obtain the best advice thay can in their quest towards a professional musical career. It can so easily come off the rails. I`m one of the lucky ones who teach and play in addition to writing`n`royalty.
    You`re welcome to look at my Sibelius website to view and listen to what other music there lies within.
    Good to meet you all. Take care - keep practising - you`ll get there. :tup
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