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  1. Newark Brass Festival, patron Denis Wick, is a new event which is taking place at the Palace Theatre, Newark, Nottinghamshire, on January 24 and 25 2009.

    It comprises a national competition adjudicated by:
    Paul Archibald
    Nigel Black
    John Kenny
    Stephen Wick
    for all brass players aged 11 to 30, minimum standard grade 5, any syllabus, education workshop led by the Royal College of Music's Brass Ensemble, and a gala concert.

    Prizes to the value of £1,500 plus a concerto date for the overall champion.

    For more information go to
  2. Newark Brass Festival

    NEWSFLASH......Newark Brass Festival is pleased to announce that the overall winner of its competition will not only receive a complete set of mutes kindly given by patron Denis Wick, but also a concerto date with the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra on November 14 at the city's prestigious Drill Hall. Entries for the competition go live tomorrow, May 1, so go to and enter...NOW
  3. newaflash...Newark Brass Festival is pleased to announce it has been given an additional prize - the London Mozart Players' Prize for the Most Promising French Horn Player in the festival's competition of £100 :D
  4. Newark Brass Festival

    now that your exam results are through, how about pitting yourself against some of the best players by entering newark brass festival's prestigious competition and performing to some of this country's finest professional players who are the judges.
  5. Newark Brass Festival

    Newsflash We are pleased to announce that the winner of each of the graded groups will receive a £250 prize kindly donated by Newark Town Band and the Music Shop, Newark. You can download an entry form at Closing date is November 5 2008 :clap:
  6. Newark Brass Festival

    Newsflash...We are having a lot of interest in this competition, so if you want the chance to win £250, enter now as it is first come, first served. :clap:
  7. Newsflash We now have approximate timings for each of the 3 graded sections in rounds 1 & 2

    Round 1 Grade 5 & 6 approx 5 mins
    Grade 7 & 8 approx 7 mins
    Diploma & above approx 10 mins

    Round 2 Grade 5 & 6 approx 8 mins
    Grade 7 & 8 approx 11 mins
    Diploma & above approx 15 mins

    Please note due to high demand, we have extended the judging time and can now accept entries up to November 20, 2008 :clap:
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    Been away from the board a while but wanted to say...

    What a great event this is!

    Why not make sure you put it in your diary as a regullar annual event!

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    anyone else on here entered this?
  10. Newsflash...International soloists and festival judges Paul Archibald and John Kenny are to perform in the festival's concert on January 25, 4.30pm, at Barnbygate Methodist Church, Barnbygate, Newark, Notts. For tickets call The Music Shop on 01636 610588
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    Boy wonder wanted t' take part, but must admit that the cost of the entry fee was rather high (was it 20 quid?), and the cost to use the accompanist out of our price range I'm afraid (70 quid!). Maybe it was a misprint? :eek:
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  12. Hi, thanks for your message. Fee is no misprint. £20 entry fee goes a tiny way to covering the admin costs of any festival, and the additional £50 goes in total to the three professional festival accompanists. I am sure that you will agree with me that playing complex piano parts deserves to be well recompensed.:D
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    Yes, I certainly agree that accompanists have a difficult job to do, it's just that, if we want to encourage more festivals of this ilk, the costs shouldn't be prohibitive. It would be great to see more competitions for soloists/duets/quartets again but cost plays a big part in whether you enter or not.

    We go to several Festivals a year so that boy wonder can compete, and unfortunately the brass sections are usually the poorest attended. This can be for a variety of reasons, but it still gets you in front of an audience and hopefully gets some constructive feedback. We've never had to pay anything more than £7/8 for a class (even in posh Alderley Edge!) and have still managed to have the likes of Stuart De'ath as an accompanist.

    I also appreciate that there is a high calibre of adjudicator at your Festival, I just hope you recoup your costs - we genuinely would have loved to attend and compete against more brass players rather than what does happen at a few Festivals - when there is a low entry you can find yourself playing against woodwind and string players and, whilst it is interesting to hear these instruments, I would like to see more brass competitions.

    Thanks for getting back to me, and every success for your Festival. I look forward to reading it's reviews and results. :clap:
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    Chris, what were the results, entries like, pieces played and general feel to the day? This competition interested me for a couple of my students but with it being such a distance I wanted to find out a bit more. Maybe they will enter next year
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    sorry - I had to pull out of the event due to school/band/work commitments.
  16. The first Newark Brass Festival has been hailed a resounding success by judges and competitors alike.

    The winners are: Grade 5 - 6 Charles Standen, trumpet, from Lincolnshire who won £250 which was sponsored by Newark Town Band; Grade 7 - 8 Michael Buchanan, trombone, from Berkshire who won £250 which was sponsored by Newark Music Club; Conservatoire Edd Leech, tuba, from Manchester who won £250 sponsored by Notts Carpet Company.

    Michael Buchanan was the overall champion and he also won a set of mutes kindly donated by festival patron Denis Wick, the festival trophy and a concerto date with the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra which will take place on November 14 in Lincoln. :clap:

    The date for next year's festival has already been set. Check out the website for information as it is released.
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    Congratulations on what appears to have been a successful premiere! Further to my concerns around costs, did that affect your entries? How many entries did you receive, and did many opt to bring their own accompanists? Were there many from brass band backgrounds?
    Look forward to hearing from you and, once again, congratulations! :clap:
  18. Hi, thank you for your interest in Newark Brass Festival. We were very pleased with the response to the festival and we had a full day's competition and over 60% used the official accompanist, and yes, we had some brass band players and of course more would always be welcome next year.