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  1. bigcol

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    Would someone be so kind as to edjucate me as to why so many former UK brass bandy people are now living New Zealand?
  2. zak

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    Erm.... Better climate, cheaper cost of living, friendly people, not as crowded and maybe people want a fresh start/challenge for starters!! ;) ;)

    Oh.... and some very fine up and coming brass bands hungry for success!!!

    Just my thoughts

  3. bigcol

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    Ok - as long as it isn't the people to sheep ratio. You know how particular bandsmen can be.
  4. Rimshot

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    Having been to NZ and enjoyed playing out there in the NZ open it is a whole different experience. The people are fantastic and most of the time it is quite a relaxed pace of life, hell people even manage to get time off work to go to rehearsals for the major contests. The whole brass band fraternity is so much better organised out there the day b4 the contest the percussion section from every band even get 20/30 mins to go and play on the instruments they will use 4 the contest, in between a band finishing and the doors closing 4 the next band going on players can blow as much and as loud as required to get/keep warm, theres no rush about any of this either youre not huddled into tiny areas like cattle and as soon as 1 finishes youre not rushed onto the stage like they want you out of the way also the system of adjudication they used when i was there was gr8 it was recorded over your performance so there was no arguement about whether something was wrong or not bacause the evidence was there. Fantstic all round hopefully day i will get there on a permanent basis!!!!
  5. 1alexm

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    They might not have Chav's, Goth's, Mosher's, MacDonalds, Mother-in-laws and Clowns over there. You see brass bandy people do have common sense. (If what i just said is all true then book me on the next flight to New Zealand lol.)
  6. Andy Cooper

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    Going for a Holiday there next April on the grounds of we'd heard exactkly whats been said so far, plus got attracted to the stunning scenery in the Lord of the Rings films - looking forward to it and hopefully meeting some bands over there
  7. SteveT

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    Some fine musicians have gone to NZ and Australia in search of fulfilling their ambitions of fame and recognition. Good luck to them as it is a big risk...!

    I have friends who have gone and are now hooked on the lifestyle. However, like brass bands the world over, they can be fickle and if your face doesn't quite fit you can be left high and dry!

    If you have talent and a positive mental attitude, go for it. My advice would however be, "don't take yourself too seriously and enjoy"!
  8. bigcol

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    Ok ta thanks for the info - so it's a sort of 'new life' thing and NZ happens to have decent bands too? Cool.
  9. BeatTheSheep

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    Yes there does seem to be some cases where people have gone over and come back quite quickly. Beware, the grass isn't always greener.
  10. Oh yes, and the bands out there can't half march!!!!
    If, like we did, you have problems just putting one foot in front of the other, just sell band cd's to any other bandspersons around at the time :clap: :biggrin:

    Andy, reminiscing about Clampett's Bar and Grill, Wellington
  11. baribari

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    Its just different out here - so much more relaxed and with a greater emphasis on relaxing, socialising and the family.

    As far as bands are concerned (in my limited NZ experience) I would wager there arent THAT many UK ex-pats out here who have come out solely to further their brass playing/conducting careers. You could probably name a dozen or so - out of, what, 10 top bands? The majority of ex-pats seem to be professional people (i.e teachers or engineers etc) who play, as in UK, for fun. Also now know how much money is around for bands - a little different to Cwmaman to say the least!

    ...and I get to march on the weekend - complete with aquamarine tunic AND front of NZ PM.

  12. BeatTheSheep

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    yes, as this kind of proves. Don't think we'd have any problems recruiting if we did this on a walking day!

    select the new zealand army band!

    in fact, check out the secret drum corps as well.
  13. Kerwintootle

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    It's about the lifestyle. Me and Simon have got the chance to give our kids perhaps a better life. Houses are bigger and most are detached. The weather is fantabulous although Christmas is odd in the sweltering heat.

    People get together to fish on their own boats, go walking in the mountains, be on a secluded beach even in the middle of summer. We have a hot spa (jacuzzi) outside on the deck which is gorgeous in the middle of winter. We're moving out of Auckland in a few weeks to live in Marlborough (check it out [​IMG]

    I think at first maybe a few Poms come out here (and I include ourselves in this) because of banding and when people realise that it's not the same as the UK they either panic or relax. Kiwi Bands will never be as busy as a lot of UK bands. Now, people either get over that and kick back and enjoy the life or they go back.

    With the location of NZ, holidays in Raratonga, Fiji, New Caledonia and Australia beckon for a very small price (well, relatively small price).

    I admit that I was homesick for quite a while but now I've gotten over that and I love sitting enjoying a Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough in a vineyard restaurant.

    New Zealand has provided many opportunities for us that might have been a lot more difficult (or impossible) otherwise. I'm manager for the National Secondary Schools Band and recently took care of 63 teenagers at the camp whilst Simon conducted the band. I've been guest soloist with the National Youth Band and I love being involved with the future players of NZ.

    I would recommend this life very highly indeed but you have to go into with your eyes open and do it for the right reasons.

    If anyone is thinking about coming to NZ. There is a principal cornet vacancy at The Trusts Waitakere Brass and the potential candidate could also apply to be director of the Auckland Brass Academy which is basically a private peri service. Please contact me by pm for more details and how to get started with the immigration process which does take time.

    Anyway, yeah, it's great here. :tup
  14. Kerwintootle

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    Rrrrr. It looked lovely on you. Reminded me of the programme......what was it called............? Oh, yes. On the Buses!

    Hee, hee! See you on Saturday Bari!!!
  15. BeatTheSheep

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    perhaps bands should be as progressive with uniforms as they are in nz with marching? on the other hand, better give joe public what they expect. they're paying
  16. SuperHorn

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    Still alive Bari - hope all is well. I still can't believe the first girl you met was from Treherbert - superb.
  17. Fendall

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    Yeah, my family came out in 1847 and haven't looked back since!

    Yep, I'm looking forward to that little march on Saturday too - Bari, I'm ready to watch your style from my vantage point at the back!!

    PS for those interested in the principal cornet vacancy, I promise to show mercy, and not part your hair too badly. Alex has found hair transplants to be very sturdy!
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  18. starperformer

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    is it as good as the original Zeeland?
  19. mutedropper

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    Bari oh! please can you make sure you get a photo of you in your new uniform and send it to us to put up in the club in Cwmaman,


  20. baribari

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    No, but nothing ever is, is it?:dunno who knows - who dares to dream?