New Zealand National Championships 2004

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    Hello everyone.

    Having a great time in Christchurch, I will be in Queenstown for the next two days sight seeing with my family and Garry Cutt and Lucy Murphy.

    Below are the bare bones of the results from the New Zealand National Championships. I will endeavour to give a comprehensive listing of the weekends results.

    Set test was Tristan Encounters (Set test Friday evening, Own Choice Saturday evening)

    1st Place overall: Dalewool Auckland Brass (Own choice Enigma Variations Elgar arr. Ball)
    2nd Place overall: Woolston (Own choice Harrison Dreams)
    3rd Place overall: Waitakere City Trusts Brass (my band) (Own choice Pagannini Variatons)
    Best soloist on the set test: Soprano with Waitakere

    Band of the year (equivalent of Brass in Concert held on the Sunday)

    1st Place: Woolston
    2nd Place: Waitakere City Trusts Brass
    Also performing were Marlborough, Canterbury

    Best soloist: Soprano with Waitakere

    Champion of Champions soloist: David Chaulk (Trombone)

    Like I said once I get a full results listing I will post the rest of the sections.

    Fabulous contest, very well run and nice to see a few familiar British faces there. Bob Childs adjuducating, David Thortnon playing with Woolston, Geoff Hawley, Matthew Chandler, Iwan Fox from 4barsrest playing with Woolston and Dean Morley playing BBb Bass with Waitakere.

    Very tired now. It has been a very intense run up to the contest. We have only been in NZ for just over a week!!!

    I will keep you up to date with any interesting news.
  2. floral_dance

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    Well done Alex in winning both soloist prizes. Hope you are settling in ok in NZ.
  3. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    Well done Alex!! :D

    Two prizes. Mucho Clapo! :D

    Hope you settled in OK, you can relax now!

  4. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    She must have...winning 2 solo prizes already.

    Well done Alex keep up the good work. :wink:
  5. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Huge congratulations Alex on your recent successes in those competitions... very well deserved no doubt.

    Thanks for informing us of the results... spread the word in NZ yeah...:)

  6. fitzy

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    Hi Alex,
    Well done on the weekend. Who ended up winning the band of the year?
  7. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    :wink: :wink: :wink:

    Well done Alex. Hope you enjoyed playing with Waitakere - I had the privilege of reviewing their "Creative Brass" cd for 4barsrest & was most impressed - adventurous content and fine playing.
  8. fitzy

    fitzy Active Member

    Here are some more results if anyone is interested!

    Band Events

    A Grade Sacred Item
    1 NZ Community Trust Woolston Brass 146
    2 Dalewool Auckland Brass 145.5
    3 Marlborough District Brass 145

    A Grade Test Selection – Tristan Encounters by Martin Ellerby
    1 Dalewool Auckland Brass 147
    2 NZ Community Trust Woolston Brass 146
    3 Willoughby City Band – Australia 144

    Champion Soloist in the A Grade Test Selection
    Alexandra Kerwin – The “Trusts” Waitakere Brass

    A Grade Own Choice Selection
    1 Dalewool Auckland Brass 148
    2 NZ Community Trust Woolston Brass 146
    3 The “Trusts” Waitakere Brass 145

    A Grade Aggregate
    1 Dalewool Auckland Brass – Nigel Weeks 440.5
    2 NZ Community Trust Woolston Brass – David Gallaher 438
    3 The “Trusts” Waitakere Brass – Gary Cutt 432.5

    Winning Soloist in the Band of the Year
    Alexandra Kerwin - The “Trusts” Waitakere Brass


    Open Soprano
    Mark Fitzpatrick Hawthorn - Australia 94 1
    Fendall Hill New Brighton Silver 92 2
    Clyde Dixon Marlborough District Brass 90 3

    Open Championship Cornet
    Trevor Bremner New Plymouth Brass 95 1
    David Maas N Z Community Trust Woolston Brass 93 2
    John Lewis St Kilda Sentinel Brass 92 3

    Open Amateur Cornet
    Stephen Chapman Rotorua Brass 96 1
    Jacqui Oswin Port of Napier City Brass 94 2
    Brent Hoy Brisbane Excelsior – Australia 93 3

    Open Flugel Horn
    Amanda Casagrande Brisbane Excelsior - Australia 96 1
    Tyme Marsters Marlborough District Brass 95 2
    Mason Elliot Dalewool Auckland Brass 93 3

    Open Tenor Horn
    Mike Ford Marlborough District Brass 92 1
    Bill Vail N Z Community Trust Woolston Brass 89 2
    Grant Pitcher Marlborough District Brass 88 3

    Open Baritone
    David Mallett Canterbury Foundation Brass 98 1
    Riki McDonnell Marlborough District Brass 97.5 2
    Ross Gerritsen The “Trusts” Waitakere Brass 95 3

    Open Euphonium
    Keith Jennings Port of Napier City Brass 96 1
    Ken Cant The “Trusts” Waitakere Brass 95 2
    Jessica Blair N Z Community Trust Woolston Brass 94 3

    Open Tenor Trombone
    David Chaulk Pelorus Trust Wellington Brass 92 1
    Grant Sinclair N Z Community Trust Woolston Brass 91 2
    Richard Shirley N Z Community Trust Woolston Brass 89 3

    Open Bass Trombone
    Russell Boyle Titan Hutt City Brass 87 1
    Grant Hughson Willoughby City - Australia 85 2
    Tony Garing Canterbury Foundation Brass 83 3

    Open Eb Bass
    Nigel Seaton N Z Community Trust Woolston Brass 94 1
    Kerry Benge Pelorus Trust Wellington Brass 90 2
    John Szkutko South Brisbane Federal - Australia 89 3

    Open BBb Bass
    Phillip Johnston N Z Community Trust Woolston Brass 96 1
    Christopher Collings Pelorus Trust Wellington Junior Brass 95 2
    Leigh Martin New Plymouth Brass 94 3

    Open Percussion
    Roanna Cooper N Z Community Trust Woolston Brass 89 1
    Brent Stewart The “Trusts” Waitakere Brass 87 2
    Bernie Lynch Addington Brass 79 3

    Neville Cudby Pelorus Trust Wellington Brass 97 1
    Bob Grimwood Canterbury Foundation Brass 95 2
    Kelvin Paris Masterton District Brass 94 3

    Open Champion of Champions
    David Chaulk Pelorus Trust Wellington Brass 1
    Trevor Bremner New Plymouth Brass 2
    Phillip Johnston N Z Community Trust Woolston Brass 3
  9. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    What is the difference between the "Championship Cornet" class and the "Amateur Cornet"?
  10. fitzy

    fitzy Active Member

    Anyone can enter the amateur cornet but you have to qualify for the Championship cornet by coming in the first 3 places of the Amateur in the previous 2 or 3 years. Im not 100% on the exact criteria. The piece is never as hard in the amateur either. ie: This year Amateur was Zelda and Championship was Concerto 1945, I cant remember who it was by!!!!!
    Aparently came about cos they had 40-50+ people entering the cornet section about 15 years ago.
  11. drummergurl

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    nice one alex, although you might want to get in touch with the british bandsman, as on the back page of the bandsman that is due out 2morra, u are now an alexander kerwin.
  12. Kerwintootle

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    :roll: :lol:

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