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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Nick Wilson, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. Nick Wilson

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    My parents went to a performance by a quintet known as Fine Arts Brass and very much enjoyed it. The opening item involved members of the group coming from the back of the hall, clapping rythmically and performing Haka dance like movements.

    Apparently the piece is written by Philip Wilby either for the Warwick University Brass Band and arranged for the quintet or vice versa. Mum has tried to trace it via the Fine Arts Brass website but to no avail.

    Having travelled around New Zealand I would be interested to hear this piece since my parents thought it was so good.

    Does anyone know any more about it, if there is a recording of it anywhere and is it published?
  2. stotty74

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    Yes i bought this as a full band arrangement from Band Supplies about 12 months ago i think. I'm down at the bandroom today so will look for the publisher for you aswell. I've never heard any bands play it, and it was just a little too hard for my youth band when i bought it. It does involve a lot of people moving around, shouting, etc., but is very interesting.
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    I think the quintet version came before the full band, which, whilst Warwick were among the very first to play, wasn't written for us, I'm sure.

    Ex-University of Warwick Brass Band
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    Kirky (with Nigel Boddice conducting) opened their concert playing the band version at the Glasgow Academy Brass Day last year. Different but enjoyable!
  5. Nick Wilson

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    Thanks. Any luck finding out the publisher's name yet?
  6. Straightmute

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    Harrogate play it. It's published by Kirklees.