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  1. andyh

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    Just watching Billy Connolly's World Tour Of New Zealand - at the end of each episode he sings a beautiful NZ folk song, "Pokarekare Ana"

    Does anyone know of a brass arrangement for this? Specifically cornet or flugel solo?


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  3. andyh

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    Thanks! I dare not get the name wrong, I want to go back next year! Most beautiful country I've ever been to...

  4. brassneck

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    It's quite a familiar melody, eh?
  5. euphoria

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    There are several arrangements for brass.
    Kirsty Abotts played it in BiC 2004 - It is on the CD. It was arranged by Maunder. Riki McDonnell has played this arrangement on euphonium on Midnight Euphonium

    Goff Richards has made a version for trombone and band. James Stockdale plays it on Brighouse┬┤s Fantasy CD.

    Luc Vertommen has made an arrangemnt for Euphonium and Brass Band played by Steven Mead on Euphonium Virtuoso.

    It is a very lovely song indeed.

    Cheers Erik
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    There's actually a version with piano accompaniment too, both of which Luc has published in Euphonium Virtuoso Collection;
  7. scjb

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    Pokarekare Ana

    I have recently arranged this for cornet/flugel and euphonium/baritone duet.

    Email me at for details.

  8. andyh

    andyh Supporting Member

    Email sent! Thanks...


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