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    Following interest shown on another forum, I thought I would post the details of the forthcoming tour by the New York Staff Band of the Salvation Army:

    United Kingdom Tour

    Tue 27 May Boscombe
    Wed 28 May Exeter Temple
    Thu 29 May Birmingham Citadel
    Fri 30 May Rock Ferry
    Sat/Sun 31 May/1 June Sunderland Monkwearmouth
    Mon 2 June Greenock
    Tue 3 June Sheffield Citadel
    Wed 4 June Sheringham
    Thu 5 June Hadleigh Temple
    Fri 6 June Margate
    Sat 7 June Royal Albert Hall
    Sun 8 June Reading Central

    As these dates have been around for a while you may find ticket availability is limited (our concert at Hadleigh is virtually sold out).

    The Albert Hall date involves the band's participation in the annual Gospel Arts Concert rather than a full programme by the band. They will probably be contributing a couple of solo items, but their solo euphonium , Aaron Vanderweele, is being featured as soloist.

    If I can track down any contact numbers for tickets I shall post them later on.
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    In stock now, the New York Staff Band latest CD recording 'UNITED' released to coincide with their 2003 tour of the UK.

    Here's the track listing;
    Quick March; Jubilee (Paul Drury) (This is a bit like 'Mid West')
    Festival Arrangement ; Saints on Parade (Kevin Norbury)
    Cornet Solo; Forward (David Catherwood) Soloist; Gordon Ward
    Meditation; Sursum Corda (Brian Bowen) (Features the hymn tune Hyfrodol in a 'My Comfort & Strength' style treatment)
    Song Arrangement; Breathe (Dorothy Gates)
    Trumpet Solo; Trumpet Voluntary (Clarke arr.Jakeway) Soloist; Michael Baker
    Rhapsody; Journey into Freedom (Eric Ball)
    Euphonium Solo; Air'N Variations (Stephen Bulla) Soloist; Aaron VanderWeele
    Overture; The Cry of the Warriors (Ralph Pearce)
    Cornet & Euphonium Duet; Joyous Service (Kevin Norbury) Soloists; Gordon Ward & Aaron VanderWeele
    Variations on Laudate Dominum (Edward Gregson)

    Available from our Mail Order department on 020 7367 6580 or from our website by clicking on this link;
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