New York Brass Band and Brassroots

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by ratpit, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. ratpit

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    Have many people had the chance to check out these funky New Orleans style Brass Bands?

    Brassroots are based in London and NYBB are based in York, both have great websites and youtube clips. A great advert to get young musicians into playing brass instruments.

    Interest in this type of music was helped by a cracking performance by Soul Rebels Brass Band on Jools Holland last month.

    I hope this is of interest.
  2. Alasdair123

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    Thank you ratpit! I'll be sure to check out more bands of this genre!
  3. DublinBass

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  4. leojamesflugel

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    I saw NYBB busking in York a few weeks back. The whole city seemed to stop and listen. Great stuff!!! I then asked one of the trumpet players if they wanted a flugel player (me) and got a business card lol. I'm from York and I'd love to jam with them. We'll see what happens haha. They're very snazzy!
  5. ratpit

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    Hi leojamesflugel

    Glad you enjoyed hearing the NYBB in York. It's been mental in town recently. Send me an email via and we'll get you involved. We've got lots of playing planned over Christmas and the New Year
  6. Rapier

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    I was conned by the words Brass Band!
  7. Mark Time

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    I also saw the New York Brass Band in York, on a day trip with family recently. They seemed to have a good crowd watching and be collecting a fair bit of money! We watched them for several tunes they were so good, great mix of jazz/singing/pop etc, great fun to watch/listen to, everyone around us seemed to be enjoying them too.
  8. ratpit

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    We're not even from New York so you were conned twice
    Brass bands have been around in New Orleans for for about the same amount of time as British Bands. Check out the website and open your mind!!!
  9. ratpit

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    It's a bit sad that this tread has had little interest
    Fewer kids are taking up brass instruments in the UK but Hypnotic Brass seem to play every major UK festival

    Brass teaching in most UK state schools is in decline! kids are playing guitar or just "concentrating on exams"
    Brass bands need to get hip! is a step in the right direction!