New Years Day Parade - London

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    Hi All,

    Firstly let us wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

    Last night we caught a glimpse of the New Years Day Parade in London on Sky News and wondered if there were any Brass Bands taking part in it, as all we saw were American Marching Bands...

    If there were no Brass Bands involved I think it is a b****y disgrace and the organisers should be taken to task. :icon_mad:

    Best wishes,
    Darrol & Rach
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    Is it possible that no brass bands want to do it since (I believe) it is not a paying gig?
  4. brassneck

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    - that's an odd excuse not to use the event for free exposure to the public and media for London-based bands!
  5. Rapier

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    Well it is quite a long way for the average brass bander to try to march. ;)
  6. flashbarry

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    Could be a good way of walking off all those extra Christmas calories :icon_wink:

    Were any bands contacted to take part?

    Maybe the tMP band could take part next year!!
  7. Will the Sec

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    We looked into this (and the St Patricks Day parade) a couple of times at Fulham. The main problem is the need for a lorry to carry the band. It is simply not practical for a band that does not march regularly (in our case, as our efforts at Remembrance will attest) to take on such a marching job.

    I'll mention it to Ken when I see him. I will of course be biassed and suggest Fulham first...
  8. haha, having done the London Parade, i can say that you brass bandie types would have no chance of finishing, it's a bit of a killer, and when you say there were only american bands, can i just say well done the one english band, the Downsmen Corps, maybe american style, but full of true english blood.

    Maybe if your band wants to have a bash at it, get in touch, all you have to do is sign up for it and pay your way to london.
    It is a good experience.

    4 marching bands from Yorkshire joined up and went to the Paris new year festivals, don't worry, we showed the french how to play and march (at the same time).

    It was really good, pulled out a few marches, plus a few partie pieces just to show of a little,
    really good

    how did every one else spend New Year?
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    - did the US bands come across for the holiday and use the march as part of the fun?

    :pig :pig :pig
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    yay, the TMP band should do it, i'm a bass player and i only have short legs, so if i'm up for it no one else can say it's too long a march, and we could have a good old TMP christmas drink (or 10) afterwards
  11. DublinBass

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    I think that's the case. One of our local bands (Grove City HS) went last year...I might ask them about it when I get a chance.
  12. PeterBale

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    In comparison to the Lord Mayor's Show, the New Year's parade would be a doddle. I don't see any reason why UK bands shouldn't do it, although the organisers may feel that s 25-piece band, just doing straight playing and marching, would not have the same aoppeal as the much larger American units.
  13. Charmed

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    I'm sure a lot of bandsmen will back me up here!

    During the miners strike, 'March for Jobs' etc, many brass bands marched around London in big parades. One was over 7 miles long! We marched through sun, wind and torrential rain!!!

    Not something I would want to repeat, but just proves that brass bands have more stamina than some think.
  14. flashbarry

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    We didn't say there were only American bands, if you read my comments I mentioned that I caught a glimpse of it on Sky News and all it showed was American Marching Bands.

    Bands don't need to limit the marching repertoire to Slaiburn and Westard Ho! there are plenty of good pieces that would work well on the march, all it takes is a bit of imagination!!

    When I was conductor of the Tyldesley Band we went to Angers in France and played concerts and marched, on the final day we had to march several miles around the town, it was so hot that the organisers sent motorbikers round with bottles of water for the participants.

    The general public only gets to see brass bands in parks or on the street and from my personal experience you very rarely get your best band out and lost of times not even a full band turns up, same with Christmas playing. I don't think Joe Public realises exactly what a brass band is capable of, and most of the time it's our own fault.

    As for the invitaion to bring a band over I am afraid that His Majesty would not allow it as New Years Day is Equestrian Day and they have 1,350 bandsmen and women on parade, its very spectacular and fulfilling to hear your marches played!!

    Thanks for all your comments, wasn't having a dig at brass bands or marching, you either love it or hate it, I for one love it!!

  15. Bungle

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    Sorry about the late response, I have been offline over christmas. I was contacted by a lady from St Barts on the 28th for Cranbrook Town band to take part. I told her there was no way we could get a band together in such a short time. I took her number and said we would see what we could do next year. The march is two miles from Big Ben to Berkeley Square. Anyone who fancies doing it next year I have a telephone and Email contact.
  16. DublinBass

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    There was a pretty good variety of songs played on the street "march" at Whits last year!!
  17. HBB

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    THe Muppets! I'd love to see a band march to Mission: impossible!