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    ***Give your audience (& players!) something new this Christmas***

    NEW RELEASES FOR 2012...

    March - Festivity (Section 4+)
    By Alan Beaumont

    This march is the perfect way to open your festive programmes. Opening up with a fanfare to announce the start of a concert, the music then settles into a traditional march format with festive melodies. The Bass Solo consists of ‘Ding Dong Merrily’ which precedes the gentle Trio section of ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’ and finishing with a hit of ‘Jingle Bells’.

    Full score & parts: £18.95
    Direct Link:

    When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney
    By Jimmy Grafton Trombone Solo (Section 2/3+)

    The thought of a trombone player getting stuck up the chimney is sure to raise a few chuckles at your Christmas concerts - particularly if dressed up! This novelty item arranged by Naomi Styles, is a great choice for bands looking for a new, light-hearted solo during the festive season this year. A relaxed Cadenza for the soloist also encourages them to strain for the notes – as they’re stuck up a chimney! This item would also work as a Euphonium or Baritone solo. A must for all bands this year that are looking to expand their festive repertoire.

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    Full score & parts: £20.95
    Direct Link: http://www.penninemusic.com/show_score_details.php?id=213&tf=W11.rtf


    Festive Frenzy (Section 4+) AUDIO SAMPLE - CLICK HERE
    Arr. Gavin Somerset

    This new release is the perfect all-rounder Christmas item, perfect for your festive program. From “Troika” to “Frosty The Snowman”, this piece contains several well-known Christmas songs (& a couple, not so well known). The middle section of the work is the calm stunning melody from Chris De Burgh’s “A Spaceman Came Travelling”. This reflective section is the perfect middle movement to this festive selection that is sure to wow audiences as you take them on a trip though the music of Christmas. This is a must for all bands that like to entertain.

    Full score & parts: £24.95
    Direct Link: http://www.penninemusic.com/show_score_details.php?id=180&tf=F8.rtf

    I Believe In Father Christmas
    (Section 4+) AUDIO SAMPLE - CLICK HERE
    By Greg Lake

    Released in 1975, this well loved song was written intentionally by as a protest about the commercialisation of Christmas. The release saw it shoot to No.2 in the charts and remains Greg Lake’s only hit solo release. The instrumental riff used between verses is the tune from “Troika” by Sergei Prokofiev that has aided its popularity. Arranged by Gavin Somerset, this piece is familiar to all audiences, perfect to get them in the mood for your Christmas concerts & get them singing along.

    Full score & parts: £20.95
    Direct Link: http://www.penninemusic.com/show_sco...=149&tf=I5.rtf


    Arr. Gavin Somerset (Section 4+)

    This traditional item has certainly been arranged with the “wow” factor. Starting gently with a solo from the horn before being joined by the rest of the band, after which it’s a cocktail of surprises. A Jazz waltz theme ensures the audience enjoy every toe-tapping minute of the piece whilst your players ravish the solos and counter melodies (there’s even a solo for the Eb Bass!) Bells ring out and the feel good factor from this arrangement will leave your audiences stunned as the key change at the end is sure to make the hairs on your neck rise! A must for all Christmas programs.

    Full score & parts: £18.95

    Direct Link:http://www.penninemusic.com/show_sco...=123&tf=W6.rtf

    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen AUDIO SAMPLE - CLICK HERE

    Arr. Andi Cook (Section 2+)

    Starting off in the traditional way, the melody we all know and love, before bursting into life with this amazing “Big Band” swing style arrangement that is sure to get your audiences foots tapping. There’s work for the entire band, cornet stabs, walking bass parts and of course, a jazz chord finish. A perfect new addition to your Christmas program, very high in entertainment value.

    Full score & parts: £20.95
    Direct Link: http://www.penninemusic.com/show_sco...=110&tf=G3.rtf

    Yuletide Gallop (Section 3+)
    Arr. Alan Beaumont

    If your looking for something a little bit different this Christmas, look no further! Whilst most bands and audiences are familiar with the ‘Post Horn Gallop’, the ‘Yuletide Gallop’ draws on the same theme, whilst surrounding the courageous post horn calls with Christmas tunes. Arranged of course for a solo Post Horn player and band, this item is a great entertainment piece, the perfect showcase for your selected Post Horn player and band. A fantastic item not to be missed.

    Full score & parts: £18.95
    Direct Link: http://www.penninemusic.com/show_sco...=186&tf=Y3.rtf

    The Silent Stars Go By – Cornet Solo(Section 4+)
    Arr. Gavin Somerset
    The title “The Silent Stars Go By” is the 4[SUP]th[/SUP] line from the very popular carol “O Little Town Of Bethlehem”. Arranged now as a simple cornet solo, the melody is brought out by both the soloist and the band is such a way, that this simply melody can warm hearts on the coldest of nights. This is a fantastic item for all cornet players and playable by most levels of bands, perfect also for the younger soloist.

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    Full score & parts: £17.95
    Direct Link: http://www.penninemusic.com/show_sco...182&tf=S11.rtf

    Fanfare For An Occasion (Section 2+)
    By Alan Beaumont

    his is perfect opening to a Christmas concert. This short item, designed to grab your audiences’ attention, features fanfare calls surrounded by festive sounds and even the optional party popper to be ‘popped’ by every player in the band. A great item to announce your bands arrival on stage before launching into your festive program.

    Full score & parts: £18.95
    Direct Link: http://www.penninemusic.com/show_sco...=183&tf=F9.rtf

    In The Bleak Midwinter (Section 3+)

    Arr. Adrian Horn

    The tune “Cranford” composed by Gustav Holst is the most popular choice for the lyrics to “In The Bleak Midwinter”. This arrangement by Adrian Horn has taken this gem of a melody and added a different dimension to the work. Short fanfares and a military take on this well loved carol work together perfectly to bring you something different for your Christmas program.

    Full score & parts: £18.95
    Direct Link: http://www.penninemusic.com/show_sco...=184&tf=I6.rtf

    Away In A Manger (Section 4+)

    Arr. Adrian Horn

    Probably the most famous of all Christmas carols, this arrangement by Adrian Horn makes this well-loved work sparkle in a whole new light. With repeated bell calls throughout, this piece brings all the sounds of Christmas to you concerts. The melody, entitled “Cradle’s Song” composed by the American born composer William J. Kirkpatrick is known worldwide and with this new arrangement, can play a feature role in your Christmas concerts.

    Full score & parts: £17.95
    Direct Link: http://www.penninemusic.com/show_sco...=181&tf=A9.rtf

    We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Section 2+)

    Arr. Alan Beaumont

    As your concerts draw to a close, no Christmas concert would be complete without a rendition of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”. This arrangement is one to let your band go out on a high, ensuring your audiences enjoy every moment.

    Full score & parts: £18.95
    Direct Link: http://www.penninemusic.com/show_sco...185&tf=W10.rtf

    A Partridge In A Pear Tree (Section 4+)
    Arr. Gavin Somerset

    The perfect Christmas concert finale!!! The Twelve Days of Christmas is known for being one of the most tedious pieces for any band to play – now the band get their own back! As the M.D starts to conduct the “Twelve Days Of Christmas”, the band has other ideas. Throughout the piece, well-known carols are blasted out from all corners of the stage. This item is ideally suited for each band to add their own choreography. As the M.D fights to keep the front row playing all twelve days, the trombones stand to blast out Jingle Bells, the horns decide to join in and the back row then show their retaliation by giving a round of “Once In Royal David’s City” – and the fun goes on. Eventually the M.D & front row finally loose their battle and give in at the end to a rousing line of “We Wish you a Merry Christmas”. Fanfares, Jazz Waltz’s and Christmas bedlam leave your audience in stitches and wanting more!!!

    Full score & parts: £18.95
    Direct Link: http://www.penninemusic.com/show_sco...=118&tf=P7.rtf

    An “Oompah” Christmas (Section 4+)
    Arr. Len Jenkins

    This smashing arrangement throws together a mixture of well known Christmas melodies as well as some other surprises.

    Full score & parts: £18.95
    Direct Link: http://www.penninemusic.com/show_sco...=109&tf=O3.rtf

    The First Noel (Section 3+)
    Arr. Stephen Tighe

    Every year, bands look for something new for their Christmas programs, well, look no further! The piece explodes into a fast lively rock style before returning to a grand finale in the original style. This piece is sure to get your audiences foots tapping!

    Full score & parts: £18.95
    Direct Link: http://www.penninemusic.com/show_sco...d=55&tf=N4.rtf

    Sussex Carol (Section 3+)
    Arr. Stephen Tighe

    A stunning arrangement of this well loved carol, with countermelodies that will have your audiences smiling and swaying.

    Full score & parts: £18.95
    Direct Link: http://www.penninemusic.com/show_sco...d=54&tf=S3.rtf

    A Carol Symphony (Section 2+)
    By Victor Hely-Hutchinson

    This movement “Romance” from Hely-Hutchinson’s “Carol Symphony” was used as the theme tune to the BBC’s televisions adaption of John Edward Masefield story “Box Of Delights”.

    Full score & parts: £20.95
    Direct Link: http://www.penninemusic.com/show_sco...d=95&tf=C6.rtf

    When Christmas Sleeps (Section 4+)
    Arr. Gavin Somerset

    This little arrangement is playable by all levels of bands and is a wonderfully harmonised medley of "Silent Night" and "The First Nowell". A perfect addition to the Christmas program and scored well for lower section bands.

    Full score & parts: £17.95
    Direct Link: http://www.penninemusic.com/show_score_details.php?id=97&tf=W4.rtf

    The Carol Of The Bells (Section 1+)
    By Leontovich

    This famous tune has been arranged as a Vibraphone feature.

    Full score & parts: £18.95
    Direct Link: http://www.penninemusic.com/show_score_details.php?id=96&tf=C7.rtf

    O Holy Night (Section 2+)
    By Adolphe Adam

    Arranged for the full band, this timeless classic has something for every player.

    Full score & parts: £18.95
    Direct Link: http://www.penninemusic.com/show_score_details.php?id=56&tf=O2.rtf

    For more details on these pieces and to see/hear these new releases as well as the rest of our catalogue, please visit our web-site at http://www.penninemusic.com where you can order online or e-mail to sales@penninemusic.com, or ring us on 0785 251 9763
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