New Wessex 16.75" bell compensated EEb tuba

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    We are pleased to announce the new exclusive Wessex 'Solo' Eb compensated tuba. Fitted with 16.75" bell, this includes everything in our popular 19" bell models, and more, but with new more compact bell.

    The smaller bell provides a more focused and colourful tone with no loss in projection. Ideal for solo playing, brass quintet, as an orchestral bass tuba, principal EEb bass in brass band - it also works well as an all purpose tuba.

    Fitted as standard with gold brass bell, new valve buttons with black pearl inserts to clearly identify from other models, 4th slide water key, easy pull ring on 3rd compensating slide, Meadsprings and removable water gutter under valves.
    2013-07-13 13.45.50.jpg
    The photo shows Ian Foster play testing one of the prototypes. Both he and Jonathan Hodgetts are delighted with how the new tuba has turned out. Its tone is gorgeous and it projects so well one has to question if this is the best size bell for EEb tuba? Even players with 19" bell EEb should consider this tuba!

    Will be in stock from October, we are now taking orders with £500 deposit. The tuba will retail for £2,500 lacquer with gold brass bell and £2,750 for silver-plated with gold valve caps and gold gutter.

    A prototype is available to try by appointment in Wessex showroom, Andover, Hampshire. Call 07787 504987
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