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    Gresley Colliery Youth Band are the proud owners of their very own website. Thanks to a kind donation from South Derbyshire District Council and the kind support and web-hosting of John at the, the Band are delighted to have their own piece of cyberspace!

    The band has also seen a few changes recently. Fay Bayliss resigned from the position of Conductor due to work committments in July 2007. Fay conducted the band for 5 years and alongside several other members of Gresley Colliery Band, was instrumental in establishing the flourishing and lively group of youngsters who are still playing today.

    Pete Hylton, the Senior Band's Eb Bass player was appointed to take over the role of Conductor and already the band has enjoyed two successful concerts in the local area with several more to come.

    More information about the Youth Band can be found at or by emailing
  2. dawny

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    Burton on Trent
    Website for youth band looks good mate nice to see they have their own bit of independence. Keep up the good work.
  3. Band Supporter

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